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    types of Buddhism?

    I've read a lot of posts that there are different types of Buddhism. But what differences and types are actually around? And what is Zen? What's the difference between Buddhism from Nepal and other coutries like India and Malaysia? And is Biddha really worshipped as a God? Thanks, I've just got...
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    Moving stress. Aarh!

    Well I've not been around a for whil as some of you may have noticed! We got to move out of our pokey little flat and moved across Nottingham into a small house. It's all been a silly rush and lots of hectic stress and aarhh! I think we're finally settled a bit now! There are boxes everywhere...
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    Did Jesus Have a family?

    Not the married stuff but I read somewhere that he had a brother. Now of course theres whether they meant spiritual or brother by blood bu does it say anyway in the Bible that jesus actually had relative? That would be great to find out about.Or is it a plot to discredit Jesus? Ta very much...
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    Back again!

    Well its been a great holiday,,spending 3 weeks in the Spanish sun (yay!) and I'm back in gloomy ol blighty!! I hear you had the same heatwave we had in Spain (it was too hot sometimes!). Now I'm back and can start posting again! Everything a bit hectic. Talk to you later. :)
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    A Personal God?

    It's been interesting reading other people's ideas on God. To someone who's a bit outside of it all, how do you see yourself in a 'personal relationship' with God, i.e. what is your relationship with God and in what way is it personal? What I'm trying to ask here is how you feel God in a...
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    Introducing myself

    Hi, I'm Elizabeth! That's a real name. May isn't, I made that up because of the spring connection. Sounds good. Anyway, I'm 29 and live in Nottingham. I work as a court clerk which is real good fun and you meet really interesting people you wouldn't share a drink with normally. I'm engaged...
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    dodgy Jesus avatar

    What's this one doing? It's one of your avatars!
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    Point of it all?

    What is the ultimate point in life? I mean, really? Is religion and faith and belief something that simply makes people feel good about themselves? Or is there an objective purpose at stake? Is there really an eternal battle (or just a long one) between good and evil taking place, or does it...
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    Can you condemn children?

    I guess this is for the real hardcore fundies. I mean, you see a heathen (or whatever you term them) with children. If the heathens are damned then the usual reasoning is that the kids are damned too. My point is: if you think god condemns kids and babies, don't you think that either you or...
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    avatar upload

    For uploading a personal picture I get an error message. Would it be possible for me to upload my own picture? It would be nice that's all.