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    preggy hits ground sky diveing do u guys think stuff like this is a so called 'miracle' of god or what have u good karma whatever? cause this doesnt really make any sense that someone espcially a woman can survive i mean who survives such a thing 1 in a million?
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    Pentagon anyone else seen this? i thought it was interesting to say the least!
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    Amitabha i figured id introduce myself to the forum so people might have an idea of who they are talking to i live in connecticut(usa) im 19 years old, i like to train in martial arts and NHB tournaments are a big part of that(though ive never competed, yet), and i play sports and such...
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    I was wondering what the common conception of buddhism is on this forum, ive been studying buddhism for awhile and i can easily say i feel like ive only scratched the surface with a needle in particular i mostly study Chan buddhism, its a sect of the mahayana school of buddhism, it was founded...
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    Greetings everyone, I was wondering if anyone here was familiar with "action meditation" its commonly(but i dont think exclusively) practiced at the Shaolin Temple the birthplace of Chan buddhism(Zen) really id just like to hear others thoughts on this topic, its of interest to me because 2...