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    cognate deity names

    (I didn't know whether to put this under mythology or comparative studies, I guess it is more in this sub-forum area.) My thesis is that the names of gods all around the world are/can be related. Everyone I have mentioned this to has attacked me, and said it is not true and can't be done...
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    versions of Joseph's famine around world

    (I didn't know whether to put this under comparative reigion, ancient myth or Abrahamic religon.) I have been involved in comparing mythologies around the world and/incld the bible to find synchronisms and reconstruct a true time-scale of history. In the course of my studies I have been amazed...
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    query forum code; brief intro myself

    Greetings. I recently found this site which looks quite interesting, and so I registered. However, reading the code of conduct there are a few points I need reassurance about before I post any replies or topics. 1) quote: "... allowed CR a non-exclusive licence to publish, republish, or...