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    The Horned One

    While understanding (long ago) that the image of the Horned one is in no way “Satanic” or a representation of the “Devil” for Wiccans. I, as an Eclectic Wiccan still do not view the God in this way. I understand that many do believe that to be the true image of the God (or one of the main). You...
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    Mirror Magic

    I have a large collection of mirrors and would really like to put them to use especially the older ones. I just ordered a Scrying mirror from an occult shop near by. I really want something other than just painted glass. Mirror Magic is not my specialty so I was hoping someone could elaborate on...
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    "The One"

    I just finished reading a Cunningham book and he talked about "The One". A diety higher then the Goddess and God. He said the One is the devine source and created the God and Goddess and the God and Goddess created us. Then I think he wrote an invocation or something to "The One" or for "The...
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    Wicca / Monothiestic ?????

    Ok I have a question, could some Wiccans be monothiestic. If (some) Wiccans believe that alltough the God and Goddess go by many names they still are the same devine being, and if they believe the God and Goddess are acually one. Could that be belief in one God and a monothiestic religion in...
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    Magickal Gifts

    Has anyone here experienced majickal gifts? I mean other than spell work. Without meditation, or the raising of energy. I have experienced these gifts and although I know Majick is very real this still baffles me. I have no control over these gifts except one. They just come and go as they...
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    Changing personal preferences

    I was not sure where to ask question regarding site navigation or personal preferances. How do I edit my profile or change my signature etc?
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    Visit to Jesus Tomb

    I was reading that when Mary Magdalene went with two other woman to visit Jesus tomb, they were on their way to annoint the corpse with spices. I was wondering what the significance of this was? What spices did they use and why? I have very little knowledge in this area.
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    Paganism & Christianity

    In another thread someone mentioned a book about Christianity and Paganism. I guess the author was trying to get people from the different faiths to talk. I wanted to get this book but I can not remember the name or the author of the book. I think it may have been WHKieth or Ben that recommended...
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    My almanac indicates that Ostara is on the 20th this year. I have seen on the WEB most are celebrating it on the 21st. From what I have read it is around the 21st. So who can tell me which is it this year? Sorry if I sound like I am asking silly questions. :o
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    I am learning the Theban. Does anyone know why are there two different ways to write it? Or is there even more? I thought I was doing pretty good learning until I found out there was another style. So it's back to the drawing board. :( I would appriciate any info you can give me even regarding...
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    The Heart of Wicca

    Has anyone read Ellen Cannon Reed's "The Heart of Wicca"? If so what are your views of this book? I could see how her opinions in certain areas could upset some people. The thing I liked about this book is it forces you to really examine your beliefs and whether or not you have done your...
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    I was introduced to this forum by my boyfriend who recently joined. He tells me we can openly discuss our spiritual views. I am excited to speak with new people and learn from them. My religious background is eclectic from Christianity to Wicca. At the moment I still call myself simply eclectic...