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    Love cannot be sinful

    God's love won't affect most people in this age because they didn't obey him. The only way to know the love of God is by obeying his commandments. I hear from many people how much God loves them but they break his commandments to not have other gods before him. The Bible is a god to most...
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    Why do people try to change Christianity?

    Christians with big imaginations can interpret the scriptures any way they want but the truth.
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    Oh, no, not the “real” Jesus again!

    Once you have the knowledge of God within you, then you can write or speak the words God gives you. They will be different than mine or any of the other saints but we'll be speaking the same exact truth.
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    I'm Born This Way

    If you've ever taken care of a group of two year old children, you will see all the different behaviors they have. Some will be off by themselves playing with some blocks. A few boys will be pestering the girls. Girls have a tendency to talk much more at this age so some of them will be talking...
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    There are two kinds of knowledge and the kind that most people have is from the world. This knowledge is the result of deceived thoughts caused by the genetic sins of the flesh. The other kind of knowledge comes directly from God but almost impossible to attain because it requires God to remove...
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    Love cannot be sinful

    The love of God is knowledge. Fear is caused by the lack of God's knowledge, which is also truth and love. So God's love has no fear in it.
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    One word

    From Now until Then The world will continue as is until the earth starts to shake violently. If there are any warnings from the seismic scientists, no one will care anyway because of all the other warnings we've had in the past. This is just like the days before the flood when Noah's warnings...
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    I want to be excited and comforted by God again...

    God isn't about being happy and excited. He's about joy, love and truth which are all knowledge.
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    My faith

    The created man is in God as thoughts so he's always in obedience but the flesh of man, in order to be at one with God, needed to obey his commands. The problem was that his flesh was formed with genetic sins in each cell that gave power to deceive his thoughts in God. So Adam and Eve were...
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    why does Allah not like the South Americans?

    It wasn't that Allah didn't like them. I was religious people hating each other that didn't like the South Americans. God hates no one but sinners use God to control people and make money with him.
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    One word

    Read this writing about various prophesies talking about this big event. I have another writing that goes along with this one. New Heaven and Earth The prophesies tell us a new heaven and earth will come after this age. Matthew 24 14: And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached...
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    Love cannot be sinful

    The love of the world is caused by jealousy, greed, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, and even laziness. The love of God will destroy the love we know in this world.
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    One word

    "Truth" is the one word to describe God and shortly, he will prove that to everyone who is still living when the big event happens.
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    Why do people try to change Christianity?

    No religion was started by God's authority. Christianity was started by the Roman government after they killed all the true saints.
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    Genesis Creation Story easily understood?

    The sixth day creation is only symbolic and is meaningless for the timing of things. Do you honestly believe God would only take one day to make man's flesh, the most intricate creation of all his creations? The scriptures were never intended to be take literally.
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    The Serpent in the Garden of Eden

    Man's flesh was formed with genetic sins that give power to deceive his thoughts. This makes man worship these distorted thoughts instead of the true God. This is why Adam and Eve stopped undertanding the truth of God and continued in their disobedience to God's will for them. Before Jesus came...
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    what is sexual immorality under the new covenant?

    You need to read Matthew 5. Jesus didn't come to abolish the law. He came to fulfill the law so everything is the same until this age is over, which is going to happen very soon. Those who keep sinning will die sinners but the law states that the penalty of sin is death so when you die, your...
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    Oh, no, not the “real” Jesus again!

    You will never know what Jesus said by reading the Bible. You need to have him teach you everything from within your heart, mind and soul, but only if you're willing to listen to the gospel, which is the voice of God.
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    For Christians: an annual "Burn a Bible Day" for our sins in the last 2,000 years

    It's a nice gesture to think Christians could repent of their sins but that's impossible unless they become obedient to the spoken Word, also known as the gospel. The gospel is the only way to be delivered from all your sins and into the Kingdom. Religious pride will stop most Christians from...