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    Working for Money

    On the Mark of the Beast thread, discussion inevitabley moved onto discussion about NOT working for money, because of the relevance between what Jesus taught, and how people will need to live IF there comes a time when you can no longer buy or sell without taking a mark in the hand or forehead...
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    Mark of the Beast

    In the Revelation is speaks of a time when no one will be able to buy or sell without a mark in their right hand or in their forehead. Many people have theories about what this 'mark' will be or has been. Like I have shared before they range from theories about Emporer Nero, to social...
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    Which God and where is he?

    The above post was made on a thread in which I was hoping to inspire people to share about their experience of living by faith in God. If people aren't interested in sharing about this, or don't believe in God for whatever reason, I would appreciate if they didn't have to try and derail the...
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    Living by faith

    I was wanting to start a thread on people's experience of living by faith. I find it an inspiring topic, and helpful for people of all faiths, as we learn to seek to trust in God for what we need. For me, I found that when I stopped working for money about 8 years ago, and started looking...