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    Evolution is Unscientific

    This isn't directed towards the OP, who has an understanding of science that differ from mine, but to others. It's the 30 year old, single cell, lab based experiment. The cells get increasingly efficient at multiplying in the lab setting but then evolves in an unexpected way when it starts...
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    When the Reapers Gather

    Please don't disrupt threads. If you have problems with how the [private] site is run you can do that in the proper section.
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    Atheism Is Inconsistent with the Scientific Method

    While I agree I think it was a poor example since apples are superior. Welcome back!
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    @Aupmanyav I'm so sorry for your loss
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    Keep the sabbath holy

    @Miken I'm enjoying the theology, but the history lessons are great!
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    Keep the sabbath holy

    I'm not Christian so it's not personal but I think these sort of comments are inappropriate here. This is the Abrahamic section and the topic does in no way concern the existence or non existence of divinity. If these are the topics you wish to express or explore there are other sections on this...
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    COVID catastrophe

    So many of your points are so completely warped and detached from the shared narrative. They are too many and too bizarre for me to try and argue against. If you, like Contrarian Deist, just assume that all authority are wrong or are lying than sure, what you say must be right. But besides your...
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    COVID catastrophe

    I see, 2020 was the good year...
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    Are you gods?

    Speaking as a non-Christian, it appears to me that you are attacking a caricature of catholicism and willfully ignoring the actual theology, this results in your argument not landing very well. Just an observation.
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    If it needed to be clarified, SWJ don't call themselves SJW, it's purely a pejorative term.
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    Why would I expect credit for it? It has been acknowledged, then comes the complexity. You do you, it doesn't make a good discussion though. We also don't support violence, racism or even cursing. What can be expressed is limited. Very, it has its own limitation set by the owners of it. I...
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    Oddly condescending, but ok. Since you seem so reluctant to acknowledge and complexity I present and are content to repeat the same mantra over and over again I will once again bow out of the conversation.
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    Here you go, I haven't seen it recently so it isn't fresh in my head. So if I'm going down this I should clarify my own view of the ideological spectrum I occupy. The idea that "we" are an ideology of tolerance is really widespread and I'm guessing it has to to that we are made up of and are...
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    Why would he!? Well, what did you call ContraPoints, an extremist? did and 1:40 long video on how it's a really stupid it can get and how it works. I'm sure she had a lot of reactions from that but the dislike on the video is a fraction of the likes. EDIT: called Canceling, posted in January
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    There was a lot of " " there, but I'm assuming that those were all quotes? I think that there is a lot of fair criticism to direct at any ideology, but this thread and you @RJM Corbet seem to conflate a lot of concepts like 'social justice', 'wokeness' and 'cancel culture' and then put them...
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    Oh great, Sweden is already culling their minks, because that's what they were going to do anyway...yaaaay...
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    I'm glad you're feeling better! I hope you have things set up so you can get well again!
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    Where's Wil?

    I'm sure he'll wander in like nothings happened soon enough!
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    The Young Pope and the New Pope

    Hi Catholics and assorted Christians. I want to check out the Young Pope and heard it has received some backlash from Catholics. Not unheard of of course. But I'd like to keep this criticism in mind while enjoying the show. So, do we have some opinions we would like to share?