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  1. immortalitylost

    The Nature of the Truest Love

    I've been pondering love. Real love, and as I've looked at definitions, and explanations, I've found them all rather egocentric. "My life wouldn't be the same without that person." "I have very strong feelings for that person." "I can't think of anything except that person." Well, it struck me...
  2. immortalitylost

    Anne Rice's Christ the Lord

    Has anyone read one or both of the books so far in the series? What are your thoughts on the matter? I've read both books so far and have found them quite fascinating. Just wanted to get some other people's opinions. Thanks in advance!
  3. immortalitylost

    The FDA and the Electronic Cigarette

    Ok, *sigh* I just quit smoking. Cool huh? Well, the FDA doesn't think so... :( Have you heard about this? The FDA is all up in arms now against e-cigs, the device that got me off of regular cigarettes. Here is e-cig 101 -->
  4. immortalitylost

    A descussion on death and atheism

    It's pretty much the question behind all the answers, the thing that just bugs the crap outta us because we can never really know, really. What happens to "us," our consciousness, when we die? Now I have some questions pertaining to this matter when it comes to atheism. I mean, it's not like...
  5. immortalitylost

    Continue this train of thought: "Last night, I dreamt that..."

    I Love hearing people's dreams! I don't mean to get too personal for comfort of anythin, but if you have a particularly funny/awesome/meaningful dream, here's a place to share it among friends. You can make dreams up if you want also, no rules, go wild. Pass the crazy dreams along!:D For...
  6. immortalitylost

    Seeing spirits (non alcoholic) lol

    When I was young I saw a group of dogs (about 5) while playing in my driveway. They all had shiny white fur, and sat quietly and calmly, not five feet from me, just looking at me. I remember thinking that they looked noble, even though I'm quite certain that I didn't know the word then. Being a...
  7. immortalitylost

    Ouija boards

    Love em, hate em? Believe they work? Don't? That's right, I wanna hear your thoughts, experiences, and/or fancies about the little thing known as a Ouija board. An Ouija board? Whichever, let me know what you think. Virtual cookies for all that participate! Freshly digitized! :D
  8. immortalitylost

    Demon possession and demons represented by symbols from other religions and practices

    What are your views on demon possession as Christians? And I'm not just talking about "Exorcist" style possession either. I would like to see the full gamot of views from Christian viewpoints, if you may. :) Also... There is a lady that I know who says that practicing martial arts and yoga, as...
  9. immortalitylost

    Faith healing

    Like the thread says.... Faith healing. Thoughts? Experiences? Do you believe in it? Would you take someone who does seriously as a Christian? Seriously curious... :) Meow! :cool:
  10. immortalitylost

    Are Christians really monotheistic? Really?

    It has really disturbed be lately when I have been talking to Christians, my father in particular and one of his very studied friends in the church. I can't get the thought out of my mind that Christians aren't really as monotheistic as they claim to be. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing...