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    Creationism, Intelligent Design, Evolution or .... what?

    Yeah, those little creatures with the big eyes and the friendly faces :). It's almost as if they trigger some sort of social nurturing neurochemistry. But no, sorry. I must be thinking about something else. Yeah, oxytocin and endorphins are just a myth. Love feels the way it does becuase of...
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    How to see God everywhere and in everything

    hey 17th, I know what you're saying about God. If a scientist says water boils at the same temperature every time, you can't just believe it. You have to sit there with a thermometer and a beaker trying it out. And hopefully you can get away with melting biros while your science teacher isn't...
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    No mind....

    Sorry, yeah, I'm bad with words. I meant to say that the process towards stilling the mind involves being separate from your thoughts. When I first tried it, I'd get it, then I'd think "yes, I got it" and then I'd have to start again, each time getting clearer. Let all the thoughts come...
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    The magic at the core of all religions

    This isn't cryptic poetry! It's my pathetic attempts to describe the experiences I've had :( I was talking about psychic experiences. Sometimes while dancing, or tripping, or meditation, and also while going to gigs. The gig in question was a weird one. For some reason about a quarter of...
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    The magic at the core of all religions

    When I was growing up as a Jehovah's Witness, I used to hear how God's Holy Spirit is working through our congregation and all the other congregations. At assemblies we would get "experiences" told of these half-magic occurrences like far-fetched conversions. I mean some of these were people...
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    No mind....

    You don't actually stop the thoughts, just as you can't stop the sea. But you can let them wash around your ankles without getting swept along by them...
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    Which religion do you follow?

    Yeah, that's right Dynomight. I'm a Hollywood script writer working on your latest flash-in-the-pan religion. ;)
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    Psychedelics and Buddhism

    Did anyone actually do psychedelics and Buddhism at the same time? I mean it's one thing to take the stuff, be blown away and catch onto Buddhism to help guide you through your new life ("Don't Panic!" - The Guide) but if you actually sit down with your meditation practise and a decent dose of...
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    Songs? lol..

    Sure dude, I've been playing the jaw harp for a few years now. It can be played like a boingy thing, or like a didgeridoo. You can get sort of Goa Trance synth noises out of it too. You can even ones tuned to a note these days. :)
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    Where is Buddhism going?

    On the serious side though, (I wish I didn't have one of those), I think you're right about it being left for people to find by themselves. The writings of Buddha and his cronies are there for anyone to read, and forcing it on people isn't going to make them enlightened. As long as the Dharma...
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    Where is Buddhism going?

    No way. Of course it can't be you. You are waiting for Maitreya, whereas Snoopy on the other hand is considering moving Buddhism into more evangelical world-reaching directions, so is actually a mover and shaker. Unless you're harbouring secret desires to show the world the way, all signs...
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    Your Two (Words) Cents Worth Presently

    Zoot Money
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    Your belief system is wrong and I can prove it.

    Oh God, yes! I wouldn't have got where I am today if people hadn't gone pulling the rug out from under my house of cards many many many times. I thank the many people throughout history who have challenged every belief and philosophy I've ever had. In my head, it's a case of survival of the...
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    Tao Te Chip ~ humor

    Hehehe, hacker humour! The great sages of history descended from heaven to search for a worthy successor. They immediately fell to arguing about the kind of man they should seek. Buddha, sitting cross legged beneath a tree, said: "Of a certainty, we must look for a monk. Only a monk can...
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    Where is Buddhism going?

    Hey, Snoopy! That's you! You're The One! Nobody else is going to save Buddhism from disappearing up its own backside but You! All you need is to do is make people believe that enlightenment is attainable with a little bit of trying, despite what all these crap gurus say about how many empty...
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    Which religion do you follow?

    Snoopy, I think it's the metaphysical one. The epis... other one doesn't leave much encouragement for taking leaps of faith or gambling with life. Beckythatch, I have nothing written down. The trouble I'm having with words is that if you haven't seen it for yourself, all the words are just...
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    Effects of Expanding Awareness

    I think this is what Metamorphosis by Kafka is about. The idea of this big thing you are now that nobody understands and sometimes really even "bugs" them in a big way... Yeah it's lonely. You know, I like listening to people like Leonard Cohen and John Martyn because they make me happy. I...
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    Which religion do you follow?

    The "Mine is not listed here" religion is as old as religion itself. We meet in secret underground caves under marshmallow roots on the third night after an eclipse. We classify ourselves as unclassifiable and believe we're just downright unbelievable! I'm a Lucidicist Wizard. It's a...
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    Tao and God

    They may even be Calvinist Kleins... Or "Why" fronts?