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    Damned Don't Cry

    I live in the heart of the Bible Belt where both Pagans and the gay community is seen as Extremely devient. In my experience with both the gay community and the Pagan community, there isn't a large amount of gays, etc turning to Paganism. Everyone I have contact with in the gay community either...
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    Do places have power?

    I think that Path_Of_One hit the nail right on the head. Energy signatures is really the best way to describe why places have power. I believe that places of power have that power because someone deemed it so special, so awe inspiring or so terrible that they transferred their energy and or...
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    How do you Reconstruct?

    Oh! And I forgot to post my thoughts on Re-incarnation as it relates to our spiritual beliefs. I personally believe that we are born and re-born with similar basic spiritual beliefs. That's the only way I can explain that I'm the only person in my family of 3 sisters raised in the same...
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    How do you Reconstruct?

    Hi folks. I just wanted to put my two cents in on the original question. How do we reconstruct? And I'll speak on that subject in the terms of Why I chose to reconstruct. I was raised on a farm on the border of Texas and Arkansas. My father was a farmer and a youth minister for my local...