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    Okay....I'll try and translate a little more but it sounds like you're right :) Yeah...I just got something varying along the lines of the word 'learned'. Thankyou!
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    Sorry I took so long getting back! I am not sure as to who wrote it...and to tell the truth I'm having trouble reading it :rolleyes: So far I've got: 'That life apon (?) the earth is not a b(u/v/w)open' Yeah...thats where I begin to get confused. It may not even be open because several of...
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    Astral projection

    I'm really interested in astral projection. I understand the basic theories of it, but I wanted to hear from anyone who has actually managed it or has their own theory on it. I'm a curious person :)
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    A dream that confuses me.

    I was thinking about the lightning part...lightning is often associated with revelations, sudden changes, stuff like that. But, you said something about changes, so I can't understand why you'd be dodging the 'changes' in your dream. *runs to find book* Oh, apparently lightning can also be...
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    :eek: I didn't know there was another way...eesh. Oh, side story. Ages ago I brought this book with a wood-carved cover, and around the edge were some symbols which I at the time thought was just decorative. Then, when I started looking into wicca, I came across the Theban alphabet and realised...
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    Do places have power?

    Yes, I believe places have power. I also think that different places have different levels and 'feelings' of power. I recently went to Dartmoor to Becky falls and that was...amazing. Very obvious energy, tingly, excitable. It made me feel like a 5 year old :rolleyes: I've also heard that some...
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    Children's spirituality

    I am by no means an adult, but I like to think I'm old enough to formulate my own opinions about religion and spirituality :) When I was younger, I was taken to church and sunday school a lot by one of my relatives. Now I think about this, it makes me a little upset. It feels like I was...