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    I dont get it....

    Hello its bin a while since I posted here there somthing that I dont understand about Islam that I hoping you could clear up. Muhmuda is the last prophet and tells the world the Jesus is not the son of god and there is no trinty, right? Stop me if I get any of this wrong and if I do, sorry, and...
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    How literal? How political?

    So how Literal do you think us Christians need to take the bible? Is all Literal truth, is some of it litral or is it being medforical? Sorry for my bad spelling
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    How does it work?

    So how dose real magic or Magick work?
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    Is this Offensive?

    I am working on few short storys one involed a Pagan witch, She was going to be the Sympathy chartater of the story who feel that she must use magic to make some one fall in love with her. But then I started thinking what your views on storys like this were? Is this going to far or giving a...
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    will peace ever come?

    Do you ever wonder if there will be a day ware the three of us will live in peace with each other? I know all three of our religons are diferent but we all do want to serve god and love one onther, right? We all call our selves childrein of Abraham, so in a strang way are'nt we like lost brother...
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    What is your belief?

    Although I belive in alot that the bible has to say I think tacking to littarly can be dangers sometimes. It has bin tranlated so many times and there are even hints that Jesus him self is useing a medafore, like for example when he said "I will destory the tempal and rebuild it three days...
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    I confuss

    I am little confuse on what hindus think will happen to us when we die, at frist I thought you guys belive in rebrith but there were of cuple hindus that I spoke to that sounded like they belive that we are going to some kind of after life, did I misunderstand somthing? EDIT sorry for...
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    Re: Christainty Thank you for answeing I apoligise aghen if you thougt if I was makeing a judgement.
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    A few qustions

    I have onther qustion, why do Muslims have more then one wife?
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    Interfaith Dating

    I am not sure ware to ask this qustion, but what are your views of people of difrerent religons dating and marrying each other.
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    Re: Christainty Agen, I mean no offences and I Apoligize if sound like I am acusing you anything, I was told that the Pegan belife was anti-Aberhamic and I know of Pegans that held meetings with the Satanist, I just wanted to know for sure if there was anything that may have sugested that the...
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    Well, thipps is right has about our devil, manny of us Christians belive in garden angels and spirtal warfar. This meaning that eather though we can not see it but good angels are fighting to protect our souls from evil fallen angels (or demons or Devils) and bring us closer to God. Think of it...
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    All three of us, from what I know, Belive in Angels. So would any Christians, Muslims and Jews like to share there veiws on what they are, there role in our religons and storys of people who claim to encounter them?
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    My Qustions about the Pegans

    Okey, here what I would like to know and please forgive I say anything offensive 1. Is it true Pegans pray to trees? 2 how many gods do you worship? 3 is it true the main god you worship is a Goddess and if so who is she? 4 Do you really use magic? 5 and if so, for what and why?
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    Who is Buddu?

    Who or what is Buddha? Is he your god, a Prophet, or somthing differnt?
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    Punishment for non believers?

    Well, this is of one things that cause us Christians to be diveded. Some, like angelicals and Bathtist belive that those who do not belive Jesus is the son of god will go to hell, But other, like my self, belive jesus death made salvaotion possibal for all humans, meaning even the Athist can get...
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    Is this offensive?

    Nice to meet you I think that may be close to what happen. From what they said it sounded like there religous tensions going on in asia between Hindus, Buddus and Christains. Mabey I just came at the wrong time.
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    A few qustions

    Thank you for answering all my qustions. There one thing I dont get though, if Muhamade (I know I spelled that wrong) the holyist Prophet then why is he not going to be the one who fights the Anti-Christ? Since you belive in the anti-christ dose that mean you guys also belive in the Devil...
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    Jewish belifes

    Varry intrasting. So there is no good vs. evil? So out of curosity what happens to those who were bad if there is no hell? Do they get to go hevan or is there still some kind of punishment? Thank you for answering and sorry for the bad spelling.
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    Re: Christainty I dont mean any offence I just never spoken to a Pagan before and was not sure on what they atcully think of us Christians or what they belive. I am sorry if I sounded judge mental. sorry for my bad spelling