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    Tao and God

    I would have to agree with that assessment. Zazan I think got at the heart of the discussion without being prompted to.
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    Choosing your religion!

    1. Orthodox Quaker (100%) 2. Mainline - Liberal Christian Protestants (89%) 3. Mainline - Conservative Christian Protestant (88%) 4. Eastern Orthodox (79%) 5. Roman Catholic (79%) 6. Seventh Day Adventist (75%) 7. Liberal Quakers (62%) 8. Islam (56%) 9. Orthodox Judaism (56%)...
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    I admit that depending on the form of Taoism you study the question of detachment from emotional desire may vary. Detachment plays heavily in Buddhism and especially the in the teachings of Buddha. Taoism was influenced by Buddhism in regard to theories about emotional detachment and...
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    A few questions about Taoism

    I practice a more traditional form of Taoism as taught by Hua-Ching Ni. He offers many good books on the subject on a purely Taoist perceptive and give clear connections between the ancient teachings and modern life. You can find many of his books in most book stores and his translation of the...
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    Tao and God

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    Applying Taoism in life

    Referring to Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu said, "My Master said that the path of subtle integration encompasses both large and small things. Thus it can be everything; the variety of all things are only the tips of its branches. Only the most developed one can enjoy its simple essence. "If the most...
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    Tao and God

    I’m new to the forum and was drawn to this discussion on Tao and God. I’m not an expert on Taoism, though Taoism plays a large part in my development in the spiritual and philosophical realm. It’s not uncommon to see a similarity with the Christian idea of God and the Tao. Some say that...