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    World Religions

    I'm athiest, agnostic, mono-theist and poly-theist all at the same time. I don't believe in the God of the Bible, so I'm athiest. I'm not sure about many people's interpretations of God, so I'm an agnostic. I see the whole of perception as possibly the best description for 'God' and hence am...
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    Which history would you visit?

    Definitely Rashaya, Lebanon about 9,500 B.C. as they setup the Neolithic Revolution. Life must have been so much more community orientated at that point, it would have been the most amazing culture I can imagine. See my post about Kharsag / Eden for more details.
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    Garden of Eden / Kharsag - Discovered near Rashaya El-Wadi, Lebanon

    Hello there! My name's Paul and I'm on an important mission to show the world where the real Garden of Eden is after finding it in Rashaya, Lebanon in November 2009. The Garden of Eden was a real place, and the centre of the Neolithic Revolution at about 9,500BC. It is located at the heads of...