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    How can I develop my spiritual experiences?

    Hi Alice, This is something I've been working on myself over the past years. I got some really good, comprehensive advice from a friend of mine that has helped me a lot. (*digs through old e-mail archives*) Here it is (sorry for the length!): "There are many ways of increasing the clarity...
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    Eating dead fetus in China

    Oh yes, this is a very important point that didn't cross my mind at the time of my post. Good call. Indeed, regular fetus consumption would be ill-advised--I suspect as much by vegan advocates as by the Surgeon General. And *small shudders* at the pig story from this unconventional...
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    Teaching Children to Question Authority

    X-D Lol! Nice observation, DrumR. :-)
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    Teaching Children to Question Authority

    I agree so much. This: was what my parents, for the large part, attempted, and I feel it worked for me. When they gave me the information that lead them to hold the opinions they did instead of just trying to force their opinions on me, I respected them and often reached prudent conclusions...
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    Eating dead fetus in China

    I agree with Sam; this: is hilarious. As for the morality issue, I don't see anything that could remotely be an issue, unless the fetus in question was intentionally killed or possibly stolen. If the act did not hurt anyone, I don't feel there is a moral compromise. However, if that...
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    Sense of Taste Problem

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have a friend who lost his ability to taste sweet about three years ago and had no idea what had happened! I'll forward this info to him--I suspect he will be so grateful! Thank you! :-D
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    Low blood pressure

    I have low blood pressure too; I used to actually faint in the mornings when jumping out of bed too fast. I'd wake up 5 minutes after waking up, back on my Mine has gotten better (thank you, salt!), but I still have circulation problems (legs falling asleep, bruising). I take...
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    Does the movie "Fight Club" tote a message of true enlightenment?

    Many people I know feel that the movie "Fight Club" is simply an expression of the violence and generally dark-humored irreverence of today's generation. Do you agree? Or would you say the movie touches upon a genuine (albeit nihilistic) path to enlightenment?
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    Four kinds of friends

    I feel like friendships are like waves on an ocean--sometimes their active and dynamic in full expression, and sometimes their settling down or rising up, and sometimes they've returned back to once more merge with the ocean itself. In the latter case, I don't think it means that the friendship...
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    What Movies Have You Seen Recently?

    Fight Club. Again and again and again. I love it--never gets old. In my opinion, it's a beautiful ballad about a nihilistic path to enlightenment, adorned with dark humor; today's classic, societal violence; and delicious tidbits of absurdity. <3 I'll love Palahniuck forever.
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    About the Introductions board!

    Re: Actually, you can help, that's my view of things... Hi! I'm new here too--just been browsing through the forums a bit, posted a couple times. I really appreciate the diverse perspectives I'm finding. (Maybe if we all keep hitting truth from enough divergent angles we'll finally be able to...
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    Telepathy - Experiences and Insights

    For what it's worth, I've actually* experienced unintentional telepathic communication that even my doubting mind could not refute. (I use the word "actually" because it was a strange experience for me, despite the fact that I am a reasonably open-minded person.) What happened was simple: I...
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    Questions about the Soul

    I know this thread has moved on from its original topic, but I really enjoyed it's original topic :-) This: really resonated with what I intuitively feel as well. I'd even go so far as to say that instead of cups of water, it actually feels more like we're just waves on the ocean--never...