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  1. Craz

    What's For Dinner?

    Great. I was present and helped in my daughter's delivery. It was a wonderous experience.
  2. Craz

    The Chosen

    Thanks for the info. I shall watch it. I note it is playing on Netflix. @Thomas @Cino (Netflix offer the first month free, then the option to cancel.)
  3. Craz

    I identify as: (belief)

    I think I am similar. I am nontheistic, i.e. non-belief in the existence of a god or gods, specifically of a creator who intervenes in the universe: My very first god-belief, as a 4 year old, was that god is everywhere, now, as an adult, I would say that god is a metaphor for the very...
  4. Craz

    New Messiahs

    I followed someone who I believed was God-incarnate. The main reason as to why I was attracted was because he claimed that he has "knowledge of God/Truth" and can show it to people. (At that time(1973ish), when I first heard about it, I was living in Israel and had just come out of a war...
  5. Craz

    The Promised Messiah(as) Has Come.

    Hi @Firedragon , I notice that @Ijaz Ahmad Ahmadi hasn't been around for a couple of weeks. I hope he does return as the discussion you request could be very fruitful. When I first came to the online (1995), I joined the Compuserve Religions forum, and a massive debate began on the very...
  6. Craz

    It looks like the UK is to get its first Hindu PM

    I rarely bother with politics, but couldn't help noticing this when I scanned the headlines this morning. More than half of Conservative MPs have now backed Rishi Sunak to be Britain’s next prime minister as it becomes increasingly likely that he could enter Downing Street tonight. (from The...
  7. Craz

    How a 4th Dimensional Being Sees Us

    @RJM I remember reading the "Tao of Physics" circa 1975 and there the writer explains how for example a sphere(3D) becomes a circle(2D). So, the circle is the shadow of the sphere. He then develops a similar mapping, where the 3D sphere is a shadow of a 4D sphere, the showing what a 4D would...
  8. Craz

    Software Upgrade Oct 2-3 2022

    @RJM thanks for the reaction :>) @Cino smilies don't appear....oh just found them:)
  9. Craz

    Software Upgrade Oct 2-3 2022

    My first thought when I saw the word was 'Who did I offend?'. I reacted to the word reacted :>)
  10. Craz

    Software Upgrade Oct 2-3 2022

    @Cino I just received an alert used the word 'reacted', I suggest replacing it 'responded' or similar.
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    Software Upgrade Oct 2-3 2022

    Cheers Cino, looks great here, very refreshing.
  12. Craz

    Atheists on Interfaith site?

    Beautifully expressed, Cino. I think your expression just about sums up my experience. I felt I knew God via the experiences I had when I sincerely began my conscious search for 'the absolute truth'. Without going into details here, my belief collapsed when I realized that, that which I was...
  13. Craz


    Home2home An inspiring film about Dennis Kailing (from Germany) who travelled 43,600 km (27,000 miles) through 41 countries on 6 continents to circumnavigate the planet in 761 days. He went through many places and showed a different view of those places via interacting with the inhabitants...
  14. Craz

    The Promised Messiah(as) Has Come.

    I am assuming from your profile that you are an Ahmadi Muslim. I have met many Ahmadis who all use the phrase in your profile Love for all, hatred for none . I have been to interfaith meetings at at Ahmadi mosque in the UK and met the late Khalifa (Masih IV) in the 1990s. Ahmadi or not, I think...
  15. Craz

    Happy Janmashtami 2022

    Devotees yearn for Krsna ETA I just love the artwork done by Krishna devotees
  16. Craz

    Low/No Alcohol Drinks

    No alcohol in Marmite. I can't tell you if it is actually hair of the dog, however a large dollop of Marmite should awaken anyone. Maybe it's a path to self-realization
  17. Craz

    Low/No Alcohol Drinks

    Thanks for the reminder. I just tried it and like it. A gentle affect on the taste buds, especially after a short walk in 90F heat. I should add that I do like Marmite, occasionally, which should not be confused with Vegemite, an Australian poor copy.
  18. Craz

    Low/No Alcohol Drinks

    I just googled it and will try it. Thanks for the tip. (I went to Ireland in 1981 and had an Irish Guinness which was something else compared to British Guinness.)
  19. Craz

    Low/No Alcohol Drinks

    @Snoopy I have never liked the taste of alcohol, even though I grew up in England where alcohol is ubiquitous. I only ever got drunk once and that was when I was 15 at a holiday resort in Italy. I completely lost my mind and found out the next day that I had broken some glasses in the café...
  20. Craz


    @_Hermes_ Re:Also I am of the opinion that words also are magic. In Hebrew & Aramaic, “Abracadabra” is the final result of the combination of two Aramaic phrases (Aramaic being itself a Hebrew-based language spoken by the Jews 2000 years ago, in which the Talmud is written) A’bra and K’dabra...