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    What defines a Christian?

    I was challenged on another thread regarding my status as Christian. Am I a Christian? I have no idea. I just know what I believe. And it's not traditional orthodox Christian beliefs. We've looked at liberal Christianity and progressive Christianity but I don't think we have yet discussed what...
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    Is Jesus' Resurrection a Fact-Event?

    The following grew out of two distinct sources: It's the summary of an insight I acquired a few years ago when researching a paper on the Greco-Roman Mystery Religions. I posted it on another board as an outgrowth of a conversation with a fundamentalist.Interestingly enough, even though I...
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    Telos or Dual

    Which is it? If I am correct, telos is the Greek word for when all things are projected toward one common goal in the distance such as progress or salvation. "Dualistic forces of the universe" often refers to opposites such as light and darkness, good and evil, old and young.
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    The Goal

    Person of Jesus or sound doctrine? Which part of Jesus' "person" do we look to for our pattern, the time when he: cursed a tree for not having fruit at the wrong time of year upset the money-changers tables and drove out the businessmen in the temple ignored a mother with a sick child...
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    Treasures of Faith in the OT

    This comes from the thread on Liberal Christianity without Creation, Post 55. The title for this thread is taken from Dondi's suggestion (below) that "there is more to the OT than we think." Obviously, I am hoping Dondi or others of similar insight will have time to contribute. My bit is in this...
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    Jesus and Humanism

    I'm reposting this from another thread and adding more thoughts to it: I think Jesus was a humanist if ever there was one. I'm talking about what is sometimes referred to as secular humanism where it is believed (proven by psychology I would say) that nurturing the soul or self makes a stronger...
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    What is Christianity, Who is Jesus?

    Re: The Trinity of Christianity What's your problem with humanism? I think Jesus was a humanist if ever there was one. I'm talking about what is sometimes referred to as secular humanism where it is believed (proven by psychology I would say) that nurturing the soul or self makes a stronger...
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    Progressive Christianity

    This thread is started in response to a desire for conversation around progressive Christianity in which alternative theology can be explored. This desire was expressed in the thread shinyhope posted on "what is your religion." I copied the relevant posts here, trusting this is okay with the...
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    Can the human experience be subjected to the scientific method?

    On my dialogue forum I argue that it can.
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    Who is Jesus?

    I am finding that there are many different explanations among Christians to explain who Jesus was or is. Some of the names he is called are: Son of God (on a more holy level than other humans), Messiah, Saviour, Lord, the Christ. It seems different Christians attach different meanings to these...
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    The horse is gone but...

    I'll lock the barn door anyway. That is what Quahom told me it's like if I post an intro at this point and I know he's right. BTW, Quahom, I found your pic on the other thread. You look like a guy who might actually know something about handling horses. I know I do. I owned a horse (a series of...
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    Purpose of Life

    Umm Salamah, I scanned your posts and they look interesting. I will look more closely at various parts and comment as I go. QUESTION: Why must we know why we are here, where we come from, and where we are going? Is this attempt to know the unknowable not an attempt to transcend our human...
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    How does it hang together?

    Which passage should Christians listen to? How do Christians know they are listening to the right passage? I am a Mennonite by birth and am most familiar with Mennonite religious teachings. So I will use the Mennonite position as my starting point. Here is a passage that Mennonites make into...
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    Empathy and Discernment

    Q, I hope you don't mind. I have some questions about this post from another thread: You say "my thoughts so far." I get the impression it is a conclusion arrived at via much contemplation. I do not remember ever reading anything like this in the Bible. Thus my question: How does one arrive at...
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    What is Objective Truth

    I am moving this over here from "Does somebody have to be wrong" in the Alternative section. Ruby said: If I would give you the name of the place where I live as my residence, I would be telling the truth. juantoo3 said to Ruby: Let's say, for the sake of argument...
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    Sola Scriptura

    On another thread someone raised the question of the sola scriptura doctrine, and felt it makes no sense. It makes sense to me insofar as it originated with Luther (I think) in a time and situation where the common people were not allowed to read the Bible but had to trust what the priests said...