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    Tao and God

    god is someone that already have acheive certain level of enlightment and we can always refer them as god or our master if we follow their teaching thus we cannot affiliate ourself as godling as we havent achieve any enlightment yet. wisdom preacher
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    Does God speak to you?

    hi all, in taoism we beleive in gods and actually we can talk with them or see them.thats why we have medium which can go into trance state where this gods will enter the body of the medium and say out things through the medium mouth.there are a few ways that can communicate with by means...
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    Tao and God

    hi all, actually tao cannot be term as god as tao is just one of the religion that was founded by one of the great master.even buddha was not a god but founded the religion which the follower call themself buddhist and the practice is buddhism and same as tao - far as i...
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    Daily Wisdom Saying

    wisdom is wide understanding is hard saying is easy practising is a blesssing wisdom preacher
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    Emotional Attachments

    hi all, it seem that the truth will not be easily found and the right path will not be easily follow and the best thing for all of us to agree to each other is through the experience until we live till our last i have seen a lot of precept or wisdom being preached but we cannot...
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    Emotional Attachments

    . well actually religion is one the best thing to follow but the problem is to understand the actual meaning of the context of each precept or the holy statement.since you believe that suffering cause us to try hard then i can say that suffering is to make us realise where went wrong and...
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    Emotional Attachments

    yes you are right that suffering is also natural in nature but the actual cause of suffering is due to your own past karma and if you understand well the meaning of karma then you shouldnt have any problem to be able to handle your suffering state.well in my years of practicing i can...
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    Material Attachments

    material attachment HI all, actually human beings are quite attached to materialistic things and this is always undeniable whether you are monk or normal layman unless you were born in the the answer still lie on the environment human greed is always there unless if you...
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    types of Buddhism?

    types of buddhism hi all, actually a very wise guy will know that there is only one buddhism in this world and the difference is the practice of it.some places adapt strictly vegetarian and some places can have both meat and vege or maybe some places have only know why i said...
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    Buddhist Philosophy

    hi all. i have seen a lot of buddhist philosophy posting and some of them are a good wisdom and some of them will still not acceptable to other religion and the question is why? before we start answering first of all ask ourself do we really understand well our religion and also do we...
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    Emotional Attachments

    HI THERE .I am just a new member and hopefully we can shed some light on this matter.I am kind of person of searching for the truth of one believe in each religion.As i know teoritically if you have compassion ,you will have attachment .so this means that whether you will emotionally...