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    Born with belief?

    thank you in love for replying to my messages and your warm welcome. i am just learning to navigate this forum business (i haven't ever done this before) so i apologize for my tardy reply. by the way, i was just looking for my tao te ching book so i could tell you which trans. it is. it's...
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    Born with belief?

    i don't remember being born.:(
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    Tao and God

    hey cyberpeeps! i have often thoght there was a striking resemblance between the 42nd chapter of the tao te ching and the beginning of the bibles genesis, especially in reguards to "god" and the beginning. the tao te ching states:"first there was the tao; the tao gave birth to the one; the one...
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    Freedom of will, almost nonexistent?

    this is such a strange subject for me because my mind takes both sides. 1) due to an inconcievable amount of variables we cannot accurately predict how an individual or a group of individuals for that matter will behave. This is why weather cannot be predicted accurately and why we cannot all...
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    History Report From the Future

    i love to think of these questions. and when i do i love to think that human beings, as a whole, are moving towards an inevitable shift in consciousness. there are numerous angles one could take in an attempt to back up this "belief" but i would not know where to begin, so i will just say that...