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    Atheists challenge the religious right

    I've watched Dawkins. He does not attack people. He only attacks God. There's a major difference.
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    The Jesus Of History Vs The Jesus Of Myth

    In light of Paul's Jesus, who seems to be a spiritual heavenly being, it would make sense in my mind that the gospel of John would have been next to be written after Paul's writings. And that the synoptics came last, sometime in the second century. That would show a "degenerating" or...
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    Gnostic: A Course In Miracles: Seeing the Light Within

    Since you are an orthodox Christian in a traditional church you will probably not agree with Gnostic readings of the New Testament. I take it the beatitudes are descriptions of the light-filled life. Since these attributes that are described in the beatitudes are seen among the non-religious as...
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    Gnostic: A Course In Miracles: Seeing the Light Within

    One does not have to be a Christian to have this light. It is a quality that is totally separate from religion of any kind. It is what Jesus talked about.
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    Your beliefs: what are they REALLY?

    Here's how they rated me: 1. Unitarian Universalism (100%) 2. Nontheist (96%) 3. Secular Humanism (96%) 4. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (73%) 5. Liberal Quakers (71%) 6. Theravada Buddhism (63%) 7. Bah�'� Faith (47%) 8. Christian Science (Church of Christ...
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    On the conscious level, yes. I just meant that deep down what people really want has nothing to do with material things. I think that is the level God works on. I also think that this is why, when we focus on real needs as Paladin explained per Maslow, we do get all we wish for, and more, and we...
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    Yo-Eleven said: <If GOD blessed you with everything you ever wanted, (all your heart and soul desires all at once), could you handle it?> This answer is probably not terribly popular, but God has blessed me with far more than I even thought to ask or wish for and I think I am handling it...
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    Hey Q, as you're bobbing tempest tossed out in the middle of the ocean with only the sky above and the waves below...what more do you want? If that's not enough excitement, throw in a life or death crisis that depends on your skill to solve. I always imagine that between the sky and the waves...
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    The Holy Spirit

    Mee, what Bible are you using? I am looking at Gen. 1:2 in five English translations and not one uses the term "God's active force." Here is the second part of that verse as rendered in these five versions: KJV: And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. New Revised Standard...
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    Left behind Rapture Interview

    I see. I wasn't sure if javascript is a setting on each computer or if it has something to do with the internet. I meant that if it had anything to do with the internet or the websites, that they had been up and running earlier today. I'm not completely sure but I think both regard the same...
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    Left behind Rapture Interview

    I watched both earlier today just before I posted.
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    What does it MEAN to be a Christian?

    This sounds good, wil. But when you look around a bit you will see non-religious people doing exactly the same kind of thing. And you will see professing Christians prosecute offenders to the nth degree. Thus, this seems not to be a mark of Christianity. You hit the nail right on the head. The...
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    What changed when Jesus died?

    No one has really answered my question yet, so I'll be more specific about my question. It's long so bear with me. Seems I can't write it out briefly because then people misunderstand. Okay, so Jesus died as a sacrifice for our sins. a) What is sin? Who is paying what to whom? Sin...
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    Heaven, Hell and the Devil.

    Virtual Cliff, I like your posts. I like what you say here--these two highlighted questions are very thought-provoking. This is so perceptive. As I was reading this part you really had me curious.....he didn't do it for the money and he didn't do it for the greater good...What, I wondered...
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    Left behind Rapture Interview

    I watched it. This one shows a very different view
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    Jesus and Humanism

    What can be done to get a handle on this fear? BJ
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    What defines a Christian?

    Andrew, I responded with a new thread: What does it MEAN to be a Christian?
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    What does it MEAN to be a Christian?

    Okay I'll go first. I don't see any; hense my question. I know quite a few people who call themselves Christian but they don't go to church, or at least not regularly. Some go for Christmas and Easter, and/or for other special events such as baptisms, weddings, and funerals, but not...
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    What does it MEAN to be a Christian?

    Carried over from the thread: What defines a Christian? Andrew, I don't know how others feel but you're getting right at the heart of my question. Since you attempt to redirect things, I decided to start a new thread for this new direction. I like how you break things down. I'll screen out...
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    Resurrection Popular Theme?

    I can't speak for the "history of belief," but I understand it was the first and only time after the Babylonian captivity that the Jews were an independent nation. I further understand that according to Jewish belief they need to be an independent nation either for the Messiah to come or that...