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    Settling Negative Energy in House

    Thanks for everyone who has replied to this. I'm going home in ten days, and have agreed to do the cleansing then. I'll let you know how it goes... :-)
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    Settling Negative Energy in House

    Thanks for this link. I'll try it out. My family and I are open to most things. Well, my Grandmother cut the sage for the smudging from her garden and dried it out for me, and my Mother has set a special time aside for a smudging ceremony. We've never followed any particular tradition, but...
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    Book Recommendations

    I'm pretty new to magick/wicca and wondered if anybody could recommend any good books? There seems to be a lot of trite cash-ins written on the subject, and I'm finding it difficult to search out the gems. Thanks.
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    Settling Negative Energy in House

    My parents have just moved into a house that's been in the family for centuries. It's a lovely big place, and some areas of it are really happy, but there are other places that just seem, well, unsettling. And not just to anyone whose 'sensitive'... also to very rational scientific guests. In...