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    All paths lead to God?

    All paths lead to God? Actually, I'm not buying that. Every cultural view is so different that the commanalities on broad concepts aren't even matched. And that's before we get to the details which are so different! If there's one God being looked at then only one's looking at the right God...
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    Is Christianity too fixated with Salavation?

    That's really going to annoy the extremists! :D
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    The Origins of Language

    I'm sure I've read somewhere about a genetic study covering human development. I think it stated that the development of some genes occurred in specific geographical areas and so showed that there was at least some regional evolution.
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    Constantine conversion caused by meteor strike?

    As a politician Constantine must have had a clear idea about what he was doing. Btw what's with all the " marks?
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    The Great Extinction is officially here

    It really does amaze me how stupid we are. We channel our social waste into the very rivers we drink from. Run-off from farmland is a major pollution concern but Europe is too protective of its farmers and fisheries to care for the fact they are poisoning our rivers and eradicating our sea life.
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    China in space

    I'm sure I just replied no this thread elsewhere! :) Here I go again:- China wants to replace the Russians as the rival superpower. A new Cold War, anyone?
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    Spiritual fascism

    "We are the chosen" Perfect reason for joining any social or religious group. And very enticing for the seekers of knowledge to be told that they have found answers.
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    Wicca: traditional origins?

    The bickering is normal. It shows that people are joinnig. :) And everyone has their own vision of what they think should be involved and in which direction it should involve them.
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    What have you yet to achieve?

    What have I left to achieve? Why omniscience, of course! :D
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    avatar too big

    Avatar now uploaded. Thanks for that, mate. :)
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    Bigger than a 'giant squid' - 'colossal squid'

    I am trying not to imagine the smell for that. those are very brave people working with it!
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    Foxhunting to be banned

    Shame. Pink sausage fighting sounds better! *smiles*
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    Extra-solar planets: our twin found?

    I saw this on your other site.
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    How do you recognise someone particularly as a soulmate or soulfriend as opposed to a good friend?
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    The Church of Man

    I ahven't read all of it but it seems that you are relying a lot of symbolism. How much do you think the symbolism translates into this world as action and active? I mean, what are your symbols leading to.
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    A Personal God?

    If Buddha was incarnated, where was he incarnated from if there is nothing after death? Or is this a mention towards the Hindi avatars of Vishnu, which sometimes include Buddha? Sorry, I am lost on the Eastern thinking!
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    Zen koans, anyone?

    'What is the sound of a mute person laughing'? Would that count as a koan?
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    Anyone Else having a problem?

    No problem here. *shrugs and hopes he hasn't jinxed the system*
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    Can you condemn children?

    Maybe a long shot but is there a connection between calling children little lambs and Jesus being the lamb of God?
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