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  1. quakeyjase

    Sympathy for the devil

    Haha! Good point. qj
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    Sympathy for the devil

    You've got to feel sorry for poor old Satan. All that pride, all that trouble rebelling and it ends up doing God's will despite itself. If there were no flattery, what would raise up those low in self-esteem; if there were no tempter, who would feel desire enough to carry on the human race; if...
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    "Love": that beautiful language and emotion

    Isn't it said in the Qur'an that there is no compulsion in religion? I feel God wants us to come to him freely, not being forced but out of love, returning his love. If you love someone, don't you wish that love to be returned. That is only natural. Therefore we should be wary of those who...
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    "Love": that beautiful language and emotion

    Perhaps when we look to God we are looking in the same direction and only the colour of the filter through which we see the ultimate reality is different. When the self has dissolved and the soul is re-united with the divine we may all be of the same spirit and know one another and understand...
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    It is an interesting idea intellectually, but I find it rather too speculative to seriously consider. qj
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    Very true and often overlooked. peace and blessings, qj
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    A new world is at hand

    It is a lot easier to see when not distracted by the screen o' stupidity (TV). :)
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    Bono (U2) on Grace and Karma

    My understanding of karma is that it goes far deeper than "what goes around, comes around". It is more about the full implications of every choice and every action in a complex world. The work of unravelling these full implications is therefore unsurprisingly potentially many lifetimes work...
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    Wow! Pretty colours. Everywhere. So cool! :D qj
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    The ego wants recognition, for the self to be valued. But for me this leaves the door open to the flatterer who twists this into a demand that can never be satisfied. The good news is this is the last ditch effort that can be prayerfully be overcome. qj
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    We seem to make so much trouble for ourselves and others by constantly trying to pursue the question of who is the greatest. Don't we all really know in our hearts the answer to this: God is the greatest? Then why are we still so unhappy with the answer we know is right? qj
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    hmmm - bit of a shame 6 can't easily be made to correspond with w, no? qj
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    What are two ways we can learn about God?

    I would put two ways as giving and receiving: 1) receiving: by prayer and worship 2) giving: by putting faith into action qj
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    Interfaith Quotes

    From Advices & Queries in Quaker Faith & Practice 2nd ed. 6. Do you work gladly with other religious groups in the pursuit of common goals? While remaining faithful to Quaker insights, try to enter imaginatively into the life and witness of other communities of faith, creating together the...
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    "Love": that beautiful language and emotion

    It's a good question. Why do we seem to make ourselves and each other so unhappy? I believe Jesus' message is about re-orienting ourselves to the truth - yes there are problems but if we do a 180° we might find we had the solutions to our problems all along by simply letting go of our fear...
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    The True Name of God

    The closest I can get to the true name of God is a fraction, 1/0. After that is an imponderable. :)
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    "Love": that beautiful language and emotion

    I believe that we are called to live as if the Kingdom of God were already here - and yet it is said that the Kingdom of God is within you. Certainly the world we live on is finite, but it seems to defy complete description - there is no sign that science will ever be complete (despite the...
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    "Love": that beautiful language and emotion

    A beautiful post, but my belief is that the world around us literally *is* paradise and we only have to be awakened to it to experience it as such. peace and blessings, qj
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    The Ignored Sickness: An Unpredictable State Of Mind

    They're probably bipolar. qj
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    Butterflys and Gods

    It's a fallacy that new scientific theories sweep away everything that has gone before. For example relativity which is most like this in refuting the concept of absolute time still includes something close to Newtonian gravity as a limiting case. In this sense science is cumulative; to...