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    Curiosity questions

    I knew that. I just didn’t look closely enough at to whom it was that wil responded. Mea culpa.
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    Curiosity questions

    @wil The OP, who by the way on his website mentions that he has been banned from every forum he has been a member of, has apparently, in response to a post by @RJM , voluntarily left the forum.
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    And again, tonight!
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    Pistis Sophia

    I’m more curious what you know about the Hurtaks and their credibility.
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    Can you cite the post? I’m not seeing any posts after the banning.
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    A reply may be a long time coming given that the individual was banned from the forum a few monghs back.
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    Woke Christianity

    As long as one understands the limitations. Then again, I still am on AOL.
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    I suspect that wil is being a tad bit overly modest.
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    Jesus and the Crucifixion - Continued from Another Thread.

    Did you mean II (two capital letter i)? If memory serves me right, Madame Blavatsky’s work was only two volumes.
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    The first part of your second sentence I would agree with. The second part I think would be more accurate if it read “the abuse caused by the abuse of its use”. For similar reasons I do not agree with your first sentence as it stands. I will make a mental note that Purim is not a holiday to...
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    Discussing discussion

    Perhaps we need to discuss discussing discussion…. Unless you feel we need to discuss discussing discussing discussion. Of course that might lead to…. but we can discuss that later….. maybe.
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    Woke Christianity

    @Faithfulservant - I was going to welcome you back to the forum, but sometimes real life has a way of interefering with participating on a forum. In the interim, and now having had a chance to read your posts on this thread and others, I have come to realize it would be disingenuous on my part...
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    Try the Trinity.

    @OupaPiet - Have you ever seen the movie “Duck Soup” starring the Marx Brothers?
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    How can there be a god?

    As has been mentioned many times on this forum, to very many individuals, it is possible to stand firmly in support of one’s convictions, to disagree in part, or totally, with the positions of fellow forum members without being disagreeable. As far as I know the forum doesn’t charge extra for...
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    I/0 let us rejoice and be glad in it.

    Based upon your posts to date my initial impressions appear accurate. You don’t seem to really be interested in engaging in interfaith conversation. Rather your only real interest seems to be preaching and proselytizing your version of Christianity.
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    The Real God of the Bible

    The Documentary Hypothesis deals specifically with Torah authorship, not the entire Tanakh.
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    The Real God of the Bible

    I see the issue now. You are confusing actual meaning with literal meaning.
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    Try the Trinity.

    So now we know that none of your 1200 books teach Hebrew.
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    The Real God of the Bible

    @Ahanu - Considering that there is nothing in the Hebrew text about toilets, it is hard to understand why you believe the translations you referenced come closest to the literal meaning of the text.
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    May We…

    Whoever you are…. Wherever you are….. No matter your beliefs or lack thereof… May we always remember that every day, not just holy and/or holidays, has the seeds to be a special day if we seek to live each day with honesty, courage, goodwill, trust hope, joy and love.