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    You are wrong: what now?

    Hypothetical: whatever your own beliefs that you hold now, tomorrow a certain new theory comes out, receives universal acceptance, and clearly contradicts everything you believe in. Question: do you abandon your beliefs? If so, why? And what will you do instead? Reason: I have often see...
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    Blasphemy: when is it?

    When is something actually regarded as Blasphemous? With so many expressed interpretations of the same material, where does interpretation, denominationalism, and sectarianism, cross the boundaries of Blasphemy in the eyes others within the same sphere of belief?
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    I remember as a child at school being taught the story of "Zaratha" (spelling?). I've always presumed it was a Jewish story, but I don't actually remember encountering it while reading the Bible (noting that in Britain, comprehensive schools are/were not famed for exploring anything but the...
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    Did the Jews kill Jesus?

    My reading was always actually that it was not the Jews per se who were held responsible for the death of Jesus, as much as mob mentality itself. However, remaining with the New Testament accounts, how tenable is such an idea?
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    The Passion of the Christ: Not Humming the Tunes

    Splitter! - The Judean People's front. PS: You mean...Mel Gibson didn't have the English crucify Jesus?? ;)
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    The Passion of the Christ: Not Humming the Tunes

    I'm curious, Bobby - do you believe that the film makes little of the Resurrection itself, precisely because you interpret Mel Gibson as trying to drive people to healing through Jesus? Or do you think that Mel Gibson simply got so carried away with enjoying the violence of it, that he was...
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    All you can eat

    Heh, some people might start thinking you're preaching vegetarianism, Bobby. :D
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    Material Attachments

    Just the one? I am sure that I can find more. Or would you personally make the distinction that Buddhists (and even Christians) who kill are therefore neither Buddhists (or Christians)?
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    Did Christianity begin as an End of the World cult?

    I think the telescope referenced is the Hubble, which is no longer going to be serviced - according to the latest NASA plans.
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    Material Attachments

    I remember when discussing the plight of the current Dalai Lama, it was pointed out that if he returned to China, he could die. However, this point of view puzzles myself - I was very strongly under the impression that Buddhism teaches liberation from material things - even to the point that...
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    Spirituality: source?

    When asked what "sprituality" means, likely answers will seek to define attributes of it. What I would like to ask is: "What is the source of spiritual feeling?" My key point here is that it could be argued from a neurological point of view that "spirituality" is nothing more than a...
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    Hero for a day

    I loved this line: Our wives are accomplished actresses, who recognize that we are not heroes, but simply little boys. As for the clutch - reason I failed one of my driving tests. Darn annoying things if you haven't had time to form a close relaionship with a particular one.
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    The Trinity of Christianity

    I saw an interpretation, and thought I would throw it in here for discussion... Is the following a proper appraisal of the Trinity of Christianity?
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    Jesus and peace

    Saw an interesting question posed elsewhere:
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    The Big Guy

    I'd love to see how she addresses George W. Bush - should he ever descend your chimney! :D Merry Christmas!!
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    interesting experience

    Certainly an interesting experience. I'm afraid I would personally use a rather vague and generalised - but still very meaningful term - of "empathy". To some "empathy" is nothing more than feeling associated to the feelings of others. However, to myself, this is merely the thin edge of the...
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    Ooparts & Ancient High Tech--Evidence of Noah's Flood?

    Lordy - I'm not able to safely acess my admin account at the moment - but I will send an e-mail to WHKeith tonight and ask that he clarifies that statement.
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    the Taus of Gobekli tepe

    Hi Phillip - and welcome to CR! You are more than welcome to sound out some of your ideas to a general audience here, should you wish to. :) Certainly it sounds like an interesting set of ideas, not least because of the general anti-neanderthal perceptions in pre-historical researches.
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    The Tooth Fairy

    Ah - Pascal's Wager for Santa - sublime. :)
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    Ooparts & Ancient High Tech--Evidence of Noah's Flood?

    I haven't actually read Gould, but I have seen his ideas and writings referenced in the scientific press. My understanding is that Gould argued that the evolutionary process itself must have occured on relatively short time scales - ie, in the order of thousands of years, at any individual...