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    "a" or "the" true religion

    Nobody knows, we can only guess, and any that say otherwise are blatantly lying You can't. Perhaps there is no true religion, maybe all are valid or all are false. There's no true way of knowing. Maybe at the end of the day we do not need religion at all, that it may be nothing more than...
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    What is death?

    It would be a very very full world if Adam hadn't sinned and mankind didn't die. Isn't this kinda like blame on someone for something mankind dreads? Its kinda like wanting to blame someone/something when a loved one dies. Anger is one of the first emotions to strike in bereavement and we want...
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    Hello everyone

    I'm here. [Her mam] Just haven't shown my 'face' for a while. Welcome to CR Heather. Hope you get the answers you are looking for.
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    What is death?

    I heard of another, just as simplistic; those who fear death, fear life itself. Is not death merely the birthing to another form of existence?
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    That's like asking how I feel about the everybody I know. Depends on the person, not the faith.
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    WARNING: Member fraud

    I can't understand how anybody can beat up the elderly and disabled in order to rob them of the few possessions that they have. Worse still, some just do it for kicks. Yet if it were their grandparents they would be livid and out for revenge!
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    Can anyone identify this sigil?

    I thought it looked like a star trek symbol [not a trekkie!];) I think it is only known by the creator themselves, also Still I live in hope that maybe somebody can identify it
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    Can anyone identify this sigil?

    Not really sure where to put this. I was asked by somebody to identify it if I can and I am drawing a blank so I'm throwing it out to a wider audience, to people more learned...
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    Heart vs Mind as the seat of Reason

    Could it not be that the heart is the seat of the soul and it is the soul that is the intuitive part of our being?
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    Wiccan spells and destiny

    If that were truly the work of the Fates then it was meant to happen anyway:)
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    Reincarnation Paradox

    I also raise another paradox here, not with cryogenics but with the possibility of regrowing the spinal cord. Scientists believe they are close to doing that and many paraplegics have signed up to donate their brain for further experimentation. If the brain can be kept alive in such a way for...
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    Is Capitalism an Immoral Economic Principle?

    Money is not the root of all evil, it is the love of money that is the root of all evil. I don't know what kind of society you live in MagnetMan but the company I keep don't value each other by what is in their bank balance, they are evaluated by the person they are and grasping, greedy money...
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    Is Capitalism an Immoral Economic Principle?

    I don't think capitalism is an immoral economic priniciple If you've worked for it, took the chances and succeeded using a moral approach then good for you. It only becomes immoral when immoral values are used to build up business
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    The decline of Religious influence and the increase of Police

    Whilst its not acceptable to stigmatise those who have been unfortunate, neither is it acceptable for those young women who purposely choose to be a single parent from a very young age. Nor is it acceptable for the young woman to 'con' a man into this and then live off the state forever more...
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    Wiccan spells and destiny

    If a life is truly predestined then you were never meant to get to point B in the first place.
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    Parents no right to know what children are doing

    As a parent of daughters I'm absolutely horrified about this. But this practise, I think is totally unworkable. An abortion is a surgical procedure and I'm sure that up until the age of 18/could be 16 a parent/guardian has to sign paperwork to give the go ahead for consent for the surgical...
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    My son is a Capricorn. Sounds fairly accurate for him too. I'm a Scorpio, although my chart reads Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Libra; Ascendant in Virgo, Mercury in the Second House, Uranus Conjunct Ascendant; Sun in Third House; Moon in Third House; Venus in Fourth House; Saturn in Fifth House...
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    The decline of Religious influence and the increase of Police

    Oh they learned the consequences of their actions, they were rewarded for them, not severely punishment as previous generations would have been. And for their future, they didn't screw their employment prospects up totally, they're given a helping hand to gain employment. Those who 'kept their...
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    The decline of Religious influence and the increase of Police

    i'm not so sure that the decline in social standards has to do with the decline of the influence of the church, although it does seem to be coincidental. Bear in mind I can only speak for my own country and with my own opinions based upon memory. I think the decline has more to do with do...
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    Circumcision: who invented it?

    Female circumcision is performed in many different ways, from the symbolic to what appears to be nothing more than mutiliation! Also a religious rite too.