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  1. lunamoth

    Anglicans cut Episcopalians from ecumenical bodies

    Episcopalians did not cause two wars and an oil spill.
  2. lunamoth

    Anglicans cut Episcopalians from ecumenical bodies

    While it does not make me happy, frankly we've earned the slap. We said we would wait and abide by certain agreements (this is not saying that we agree that homosexuals can't be Bishops, but that we agreed to a certain process), and then we ignored our end of the agreement. If we had no...
  3. lunamoth

    So, Are Atheists Actually Smarter Than Believers??

    Awesome post, Salt! Of course, I think there is an alternative...:D
  4. lunamoth

    The Cross, To Me

    When I look at the cross, a simple thing of woodcut, painted with glitter glue by my children, It reminds me that there is suffering in this world, and love. I can't explain either, but that does not make them less real.
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    Happy Birthday Nick the Pilot

    Happy Birthday! luna
  6. lunamoth

    Seasons Blesssing

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Blessed Solstice to all!
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    Hi Phyllis! Thank you for the notes on my page and PM. All is well, just very busy with kids...

    Hi Phyllis! Thank you for the notes on my page and PM. All is well, just very busy with kids home and Christmas coming. We had a nice visit with my family last week. Hope you and the kitties are having a splendid holiday season. Happy Hanukkah! Laurie
  8. lunamoth

    Hi Janz, Thank you for the note. You are right I have been very busy! Nice to be able to relax...

    Hi Janz, Thank you for the note. You are right I have been very busy! Nice to be able to relax and read the threads, and post here and there. Glad you are getting over the flu. We had it in our house and it is not fun. Cheers, Laurie
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    Race is not a scientific term, but a cultural one. Pakistani might better be considered an ethnicity, but ethnic jokes are just as bad as racist jokes.
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    Happy birthday Faithful Servant

    Happy Birthday! luna
  11. lunamoth

    What is Salvation?

    Hi Janz, I hope you are feeling better today. That God is Love is the center of my faith, but I still realize that love has an element of perspective to it. However, I would still say that there is such a thing as true Love (not just subjective love) and we may do things that hurt each...
  12. lunamoth

    The Mystic Heart

    Wow! That OP covers a lot of ground! One definition of a mystic I've heard recently is that a mystic is one whose priority is their relationship with God. But, I also know non-theists who consider themselves mystics, so perhaps they would substitute some other kind of...
  13. lunamoth

    Fundamentals vs. Fundamentalists

    Hi Faithful, Thank you for your post and I also hope it opens up a good conversation. :) You listed the fundamentals you believe, but you also seem to say that one does not have to believe all those listed to be saved. Is that correct? You also say: But the only thing that matters is...
  14. lunamoth

    Clean and Sober?

    This part reminded me. Have you ever heard of the devil of the noonday sun? When I read about it I realized one of the reasons I started drinking too much was because of a kind of boredom, but not simple boredom. The french term ennui captures it better, and I recently also heard it referred...
  15. lunamoth

    Clean and Sober?

    17th, All, But it is different for different people. I have heard of folks who after abusing alcohol can clean up and then drink socially without a problem. But what friendofbill says is true for others. You may think that calling it a disease is a cop out, but it is a dis-order when we...
  16. lunamoth

    Swine Flu

    Hi Janz, Bummer. I hope you get over it soon. My husband had a flu exactly as you described, 3 days of hell and then another week to get back to semi-normal. Being just 25 min north of you, we have the same situation of limited vaccine available. Two weeks ago I saw a line outside the...
  17. lunamoth

    Constructive suggestion

    Hi earl, I hope you won't go, although I certainly understand your point. Think of it this way, the power of love is not force, but a lure. Just like for violence, it does not seem to work to just censor and squash incivility. Think of it as modeling non-violence. Please reconsider...
  18. lunamoth

    "This place is dangerous for trying to find truth"

    Hi, Ciel! Dancing with the Holy Spirit - I like! luna
  19. lunamoth

    Jesus died: we're all saved?

    I would agree that the atonement happened successfully, but as I tried to express and Q also said, God made the first move but it is still our choice whether to accept it. If you don't want to be with God, no one is going to make you, and if you want to be with God, there is nothing that can...
  20. lunamoth

    Jesus died: we're all saved?

    No. We understand Jesus' death as a self-sacrifice, but that does not mean that it was the only way to accomplish atonement. IMO, it both demonstrates the Way to atonement and, because that is the way things unfolded, also accomplished a supernatural event that created a bridge between...