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    Ave, I thought I'd drop in again and check in on this thread as it seems to have grown a great deal since I last posted. Since we've spoken I've explored a few more religious paths (Thelema and ceremonial magick mainly) and have come out an even more dedicated Luciferian. This doesn't mean...
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    Ave, How is the idea of Satan being an equal to Jehovah any more childish than an allegedly "infinite" being who feels jelousy? However, I really don't concern myself with the whole "my god is bigger than your god" thing. Satan has been a valuable companion in my walk down life's paths and I...
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    Aleister Crowley - a fraud?

    Ave, I have started studying Crowley a great deal over the past year. Its quite interesting in that he left so much material behind that you can't help but start a "relationship" with this guy even though you've never met him. I treat him mainly from a psychiatric perspective. I look at...
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    Ave, Greetings all. I am a 20 year old Luciferian/Devil Worshiper. I'll get into exactly what that means in a moment. I just thought I'd join the forum to answer your questions from one whom is actually walks on the Left Hand Path (once again, will be explained later). First a bit about me...