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    Gay rights groups decry Mass. Catholic devil essay

    I hear Avila has resigned as an adviser to the USCCB bishops now as well. Jolly good. Wonder how many more homophobes like this there are near the top of the Catholic Church...
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    Michael Voris

    I've been following some of the Vortex episodes produced by Catholic apologist Michael Vortis, and am finding him pretty disturbing. In one episode, he even says the vote should be restricted to "faithful Catholics". See: Catholic Government - YouTube Anyone familiar with this guy? What should...
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    Defending The Christian Faith With Apologetics

    Do the Old and New Testaments even "fit together" when you examine each one separately on its own? They are collections of texts written by a variety of different authors. We do not even know who most of them were. They are not all consistent with one another either. For example, the modern...
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    Vatican weighs in on cult-like group in Legion

    After the stuff that has come out about Marciel Maciel, I'm surprised the Legion of Christ hasn't been wound up. Very dodgy organisation.
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    Welcome to the forum! I'm new here as well. :)
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    U.S. Catholic bishop charged in alleged porn cover-up

    This really does not look good either for the Catholic Church or for child welfare. :( Like Nick, I can't help wondering whether the closed and hierarchical culture within the Catholic Church makes it easier for this kind of thing to go on.
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    United Church of God

    A friend of mine is getting involved with a group called the United Church of God. Does anyone know anything about them? Are they a cult?
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    Troubling developments in Iran

    The situation in Egypt is so fragile that I suspect nobody wants to rock the boat too much at the moment. If the existing government is undermined, what comes next?
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    Hell? Do you believe it exist?

    Jews became influenced by the concept of Hell in the Zoroastrian religion which was popular all over Persia. That is why, at the time of Jesus, Jews were familiar with the idea. They did not all believe in it, though. The Sadduccee faction believed this life is all there is. Others believed Hell...
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    Machine Gun Preacher

    Not quite sure what you mean with the "Machine Gun Preacher" title, but I certainly believe criminals can be rehabilitated. The most wonderful changes can take place in a person. In the case of drug addicts, their addiction is often a powerful factor in motivating them to commit crimes, so once...
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    Troubling developments in Iran

    Sadly this is not untypical of the kind of religious persecution going on across the Middle East. The Copts are having similar troubles in Egypt.
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    Hell? Do you believe it exist?

    The doctrine of Hell is the most evil idea ever invented. Extreme torment for all eternity? That is worse than all the burnings, crucifixions, disembowellings and other tortures practiced by humans over the centuries. Hell is based on a blasphemous misrepresentation of the true nature of God...
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    Greetings from the UK!

    Great to find this place on the web, looks very interesting here! At one time I was under the influence of Christianity and had a particular interest in Catholicism, but now I have settled into Deism. This is a reason-based system which acknowledges God and natural law, but rejects the...