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    Religion Survey (for me)

    Hail and Greetings General Questions (one religion answer): 1. What religion do you practice? Asatru What religion would you say is the…. 2. Most different from Christianity? Shinto 3. Most different from Hinduism? Islam 4. Most peaceful religion? Jainism 5. Most...
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    Which religion do you follow?

    Hail and Greetings I'm new to this forum and so far, I likes what I sees! :D I'm a little ol' Heathen girl. Used to be Russian Orthodox until this summer. Discovered that Asatru makes more sense and appeals to my sense of morality. My patron is Heimdall, the watcher of Bifrost and...
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    what is your relegion?

    Hail and Greetings The Northern Way is my religion. I'm one of those conservative, outspoken, Nature-loving, mead-drinking, panentheistic, henotheistic, mystical Heathens your grandmother warned you about! :D Hail the Aesir; Hail the Vanir
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    Sum up your religious belief

    Hail and Greetings This is my very first post on this forum. Looking forward to meeting new people and having good talk. :) Ah, sum up my religious belief: The Nine Noble Virtues: Courage, Truth, Honour. Loyalty, Discipline, Hospitality. Hard Work, Self-Reliance, Perseverance...