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    What's happened to Islam?

    Asalaamulikum, sorry, I saw the post the day, after, but I have had troubles with loggin into the the forums, I contacted and had to get my cookies fixed and now here I am :p Very true, I totally agree with you. :D Oh, my home country is Bangladesh, I was raised and live in the US...
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    Happy Ramadan to all my brothers and sisters here

    Asalaamulikum, very nice post, I've been very busy and finally came back to check up on everyone in Stay strong and keep striving. Assalamualakum Warahmatullahi WaBarakatuh (peace and blessing be upon you all)
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    I found this song, gets right to the point!

    Asalaamulikum, I found this song, gets right to the point! Muslim Rap Praising God - the Attributes of Allah YouTube - Muslim Rap Praising God - the Attributes of Allah I hope everyone Ramadhan is going ok! Salaamulikum
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    What's happened to Islam?

    Asalaamulikum, this is a very important issuse. Ok, couple of things that I want everyone to realize! Sunni and Shia are not and I repeat NOT different sects that belive in total diffrent views!! Than what about today! Today, yes there are soo many diffrent sub-sects and are adding there own...
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    What's happened to Islam?

    Sorry I had edit it and logged in and off.
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    What is death?

    Asalaamulikum, what is death, hmm. Well, as a Muslim we belive that humans have spritual body (soul), which goes though many stages during death. It's kind of sad something, when people ask me if Islam belives in heaven and hell. :confused: It is very complex, there are many steps after...
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    The Order Of The Chapter & Verses In The Koran & Other Miracles.

    Asalaamulikum, yep, I've done some small studies on this, yes there are many patterns, but one thing everyone knows, the Qu'ran was compilied from the biggest to smallest Surahs (Chapters) . salaamulikum
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    Do you believe in ghosts?

    Asalaamulikum, noo have not seen a ghost in my life, but it would also be contradictory if someone was dead and was in his/her spiritual -like body to be here on earth. I do belive in Jinns aka Spirits. The Qu'ran and Hadiths are good examples what they are like. well Simply, they are like...
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    Our future

    asalaamulikum, very nice, I must say. First we need to show what we have achieved and what are our flaws and learning lessons from the past that we still have not accept the failure and fix them and also do what ever to help all things that is good. Salaamulikum
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    Signs of the Last Day

    Asalaamulikum, very nice post and yes very nice point. You have to remember Allah {STA} is creator and master of all things. Inshallah, may we be ready, when Jesus aka Isha {AS} is back on earth to get ride of Al-Dajjal and his Shayyaitan army. Salaamulikum
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    What's happened to Islam?

    Asalaamulikum, I have to say very nice flowperson and I, Brian. ok, you are saying why is Islam having problems, Reason is simple, There are many fake muslims, which I consider, Kaffirs, and yes that word doesn't mean Infidel, it's sad most ppl do thing that. In Islam you can have diffrent...
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    Mara & Buddha

    Asalaamulikum, it's been a long time, buthopfully, I'll be online more :D well, couple of things I noticed, yes the battle between Mara and Buddha was a spiritually, Physically, Mentally struggle. Also, In my language, which is Bengali, the word Mara means Murder or dead. while, it many Indian...
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    Video link: Commonly Misunderstood Qur'anic Texts- Dr Jamal Badawi

    Commonly Misunderstood Qur'anic Texts - Dr Jamal Badawi YouTube - Commonly Misunderstood Qur'anic Texts- Dr Jamal Badawi (1/7)
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    Good movies on Religion

    Asalaamulikum I would like to know what are the best movies, that you can think of that you have seen, based on any faiths, here are 3 I can think of from the best to etc. my top 3 fave :D (1) The Message of Islam (2) Jesus of Nazarath (3) The Life of Buddha Salaamulikum
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    differences in the sects of buddhism...

    Asaalamulikum hmm, there are many websites, but I'm at the college campus, so I don't have the bookmarks here, but at the home pc, if I remember, than I will post it here, I do remember about Schools & lineages: History...
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    Attacks on islam by Christian Leaders

    Asalaamulikum, very nice post, I would like to add somethings, first, the truth is people of Judaism, Christianity or Islam, anyone that actually goes around doing these horrible acts, are not following their faith. I mean did God ever says to kill the people?? No! did God ever say to...
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    What are the Differences between the Abrahamic Faiths?

    Perfect, simple and clean answer. Also, we do belive and also know that the OT and NT have been changed, this is very serious :mad:. We as muslims do not want to go to the level, as soon as man changes even a singel sound it is noticed. you see the Qu'ran has it's own catagory of arabic...
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    Do angels have free will?

    Asaalaamulikum, very good question, I do not agree that angels have free will like mankind does, They are the true slaves of God, They never back down or go against what God has commanded them to do. Know on Christianity, The idea of Lucifer was likly a name give by the Greeco-Roman early...
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    Religion. The most culpable?

    don't even start! oh look now it's in my mind I don't even need to play the song on my PC lol! :D
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    Buddhist view of the origin of the universe

    Asalaamulikum, Hmm, couple of things I want to mention about Buddhism, I noticed that Sakyaimuni aka Siddartha Buddha, was likly part of the Brahmin caste group, and he did belive in the gods, but he realized and this is what seprates Buddhism from Hinduism, he belived that the Gods couldn't...