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    Spiritual fascism

    Therapon? what's with you. Where are you coming from. Did you have anything that amounts to anything like what might be a enlightening experience? If you gain in this direction you should start to understand the writings of others who have been enlightened whereas before you didn't. In my...
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    Spiritual fascism

    That's a ha ha. Bob. I was re reading that original post spiritual fascism. I don't know anyone who would present themselves like that or that arguement. Maybe you live in a different country. You need to avoid them. They are weird. I don't think we can all love each other equally without a...
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    Spiritual fascism

    I received an update in my email box about spiritual fascism. So I investigated. I want to say to whomever is troubled with superiority dislike as many are, that my experience has totally been we're all equal at source. Some masters say when we find that source and know there is no more to...
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    Psychic mediums don't believe in Hell?

    Okay that would be interesting. thanks.
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    I read something about being friends with oneself. I awoke in an unhappy mood. So I started singing before my head was out of the pillow, that lead to om or aum right down into the belly and then sucking in and suddenly I felt better and was friends with myself able to face my committments for...
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    Stress and Rejection

    In my experience a vote of encouragement from a special someone makes every task easier. Confidence makes the room brighter. Its really amazing how just a smile can be enough to make one a winner for a day. Yes, I agree with Dream. Makes such a big difference. Walking around in a dollar...
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    Solving the worlds problems in a day

    Have you read David Stone's books? He talks of the evolution of the mass/collective coming about now because some guru figure out there has moved up a notch and left a vacancy. His book is a collection of gold threads - theology. My son was born Uranus Pluto 1966 meaning he represents radical...
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    Dragons everywhere you look!

    How interesting. So what is Medusa with all those serpents growing out as hair? What's that about? anyone
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    Psychic mediums don't believe in Hell?

    Wow pretty deep conversation but I'd just like to contribute this bit. That if karma is deeply embedded beliefs or belief systems and we were to have an experience of going beyond beliefs into a pure eternal space it would as the Buddhist say destroy your world as you have always known it...
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    About the Introductions board!

    How much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood. A wood chuck would chuck as much as he could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood. "try typing that'. God directed me to say that. Send it around the world. My daughter told me I had woodsy roots so that got me started...
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    Spiritual fascism

    I transcended to a pure infinite nothingness space - was I angry on returning. You bet. Watch out street Ministries, my wrath has arrived. How did I do that. By trusting my oldest friend that came back in my life like the Celestine Prophecy said in a 20 year cycle. Two friends in 20 year cycles...