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    avatar too big

    Did you change the settings? My pretty little pictures gone. Will it be back soon? I can.t find them anywhere.
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    Choosing your religion!

    I did this. I'm nearer agnostic so I don't really understand the results. 1. Unitarian Universalism (100%) Browse Unitarian Universalism related books. Click here for info 2. Theravada Buddhism (94%) Browse Theravada Buddhism related books. Click here for info 3. Secular Humanism...
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    Why Believe????

    Why believe anything? We trust our sources of information and relate them against our experiences. If they tally we can accept that information unless refuted elsewhere. So I guess the belief issue is one of using sources against experience. What that experience is I don't know.
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    Religious founders don't found their religion!

    If the oral tradition is the stronger then why would the literary form be required? It is easier to destroy books than ideas transmitted orally. It may have been the preferred method of choice precisely because it was more durable. Literaacy may not have been great either so the demand for...
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    Point of it all?

    What if there was no point to life? How would that change everyone's perceptions?
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    What has a soul?

    To ask what has a soul we'd need to understand the essence first. If we know what that is then we'll know better what has it.
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    What is the soul?

    True self?
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    S A R S - over-reacting?

    Expect a future where people can engineer their own pathogens. I don't say that lightly. I also don't mean to say that SARS is made that way, just to expect worse to come on the disease front.
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    What have you yet to achieve?

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    Where would you most like to live?

    I think you people are all so lucky. I live in what I can only call a metropolis. Don't you think it ironic how we isolate ourselves from nature only to try and seek it again?
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    Encyclopaedia of the Celts

    Try this and this
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    What is the soul?

    There is nothing wrong with unprovable assumptions or assumptions that don't make sense. If we didn;t have those things we wouldn't have science. To claim to have objective knowledge would be quite a little more dangerous.
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    Why Believe????

    Who wouldn't be comforted by the idea that there is no death? But who do you trust claiming to have the answers?
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    Palestinian State and Signs(?)

    Timothy Snodgrass? Is that a joke name? Is this all parody?
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    Les than 25 posts. Okay.
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    How do I get two stars? Not that I care. ;D
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    Past Lives

    Something that bothers me about past lives is that it won't be your normal identity.Meaning your current identity and how you see yourself. You would be another person. That is a bit strange. Even scary. Who knows what they might have done? Why should you even like them let alone care for them...
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    Encyclopaedia of the Celts

    It looks fine to me. Very comprehensive. IT's part of a general site you may find useful
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    IMPORTANT: The Big Change

    I thought something looked a little different around here.
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    Giant Stone unearthed at Avebury

    Did you see the story next to it though? Ancient stones daubed with paint