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    The Amazing Pseudo-Haiku Chain

    Silent reverie. A holiday for my soul. Can you hear the spring?
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    The Amazing Pseudo-Haiku Chain

    And you're what I need But you are not what I want Man, this thread is huge
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    In the beginning was the Logos

    Hello all, I was happy to see a reference to the Logos of Heraclitus in the OP as that is one of my favorite topics of speculation. I am of the opinion (as is the author of the quote below) that Heraclitus equated "fire" with God. I also believe that Heraclitus equated Fire with...
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    One line wisdom...

    "To err is human, to forgive is Devine."
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    Pain and suffering: Is it bad?

    Desires, and the pleasures that they call forth, strengthen ego. The opposite of your desires, pain and suffering, can break down the ego. This is the value of not getting everything you want and of undergoing a little adversity.
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    Online text resources

    These resources have probably already been posted but I thought I'd throw them out just in case. The first is Christian only and is probably the most comprehensive in the internet. Welcome | Christian Classics Ethereal Library Internet Sacred Text Archive Home
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    How to have a mystical experience...

    What is a mystical experience? It is experiencing God for yourself instead of relying on the accounts of others. Why should I try to experience God for myself? To answer all of those questions that require explanations which are beyond verbal comprehension. How do I go about attaining the...
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    Thomas Merton

    ...I shall discover who I am and shall possess my true identity by losing myself in Him. Ch. 8, New Seeds of Contemplation.
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    Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis

    Has anybody ever read Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis? I can honestly say that it has influenced me more than any other religious writing. I had never heard of it and was surprised to find that it is the second most printed book after the Bible. Free to read online at CCEL. Imitation...
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    Christian Zen???

    Don't know about Christian Zen but Christian meditation has been around for ages...the Orthodox Christian Desert Fathers promoted it since the first century or so A.D., they called it hesychasm. Middle Age monks wrote about it: the Cloud of Unknowing by Unknown, Interior Castle by Theresa of...
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    the most perfect way to live.

    I don't believe that any new thoughts have been generated for eons. The type of truth that we are all looking for here has always existed and has always been known by others. Somebody (I can't recall who) called the path of renunciation "walking the razors edge" for just this sort of...
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    Oh yeah...
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    the most perfect way to live.

    Aren't you the Krishnamurti fan? If I'm not mistaken that is one of his ideas also. I agree that hedonism is an escape from ourselves. We flee from solitude and into the arms of alcohol, TV, food, video games, books, etc... The worst punishment that we can think of to inflict on an incorrigable...
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    You are absolutely right about is symbolism. Joseph Campbell said something to the effect that the hero of the story usually learns his true identity as the king's son, which represents finding the divinity which resides in us all.
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    God's Love

    I am very glad you shared that. It's the little things that can touch us the most sometimes.
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    What about the people that hadn't heard - could they have lived a fulfiling live?

    Re: What about the people that hadn't heard Romans Ch. 2 12All who sin apart from the law will also perish apart from the law, and all who sin under the law will be judged by the law. 13For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God's sight, but it is those who obey the law...
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    the most perfect way to live.

    Well I for one have tried to live my life for others...and in doing so I found that, just as all religion tells us, this is the pathway to what we are seeking. I also found that I am unable to continue performing these acts of selflessness because I am not ready to forgo my own interests yet...
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    One line wisdom...

    The very definition of wisdom.
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    One line wisdom...

    Your efforts are the problem...not the solution.
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    Comparative Mysticism

    I was reading a book called Arctic Adventure written in 1935 by Peter Freuchen, a Danish adventurer and came across an account of a spontaneous mystical experience he had while seal fishing in a kayak. To hunt seals from a kayak you must remain totally motionless for hours at a time and the...