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    Tell me about being Pagan

    Please don't apologize for asking. I'll gladly answer your questions. 1) This is a hotly debated topic within Paganism. My opinion is that one can be a Christian with Pagan influences or a Pagan with Christian influences, but not entirely both religions at once. 2) The Roman Empire was...
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    Indeed, it depends heavily on the individual. My parents are Christian, as is my older sister. Some of my best friends are Christian. Fred Phelps is a Christian too. I love my family and friends, but I probably couldn't stand being in the same room as Rev. Phelps for more than an hour because...
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    I believe that they're too large of a group to make sweeping generalizations about.
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    Wiccan spells and destiny

    You can't change the future because it hasn't happened yet...there is nothing to change. You can change the present and thereby affect the future through cause and effect. If a man is predestined to miss his flight, and I tell him that...he'll still run and try to catch his flight, won't he?
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    Wicca - Too Many Rituals?

    I second the book nomination. I haven't read it cover-to-cover, but it's very good, and I always recommend it as the first thing to read. I want students to find answers to the question "why?" before they look at the question "how?"
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    Magick? You mean magic....

    Crowley used a lot of archaic spellings of words in his books. It's also possible that it was to get the gematria to fit, but I haven't found evidence of this yet. I think the gematria comes out to 264 with a k. Do the Wookies from Kashyyk practice majjyyk?
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    Wicca - Too Many Rituals?

    Have you ever read Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton? It's a good book that takes a scholarly look at the history of Wicca. Gardner adapted a large portion of Wicca from ceremonial magick. In ceremonial magick, a banishment is peformed before the four quarters are called. The benefit of doing...