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  1. John_672

    Of Reason and Faith

    “Reason is our soul’s left hand, faith her right; By these we reach divinity.” - John Donne, 1572 - 1631. Whether the religion in question venerates one god or one hundred gods, believes that their gods are a part of creation or apart from creation, all religions share one trait; the...
  2. John_672

    The Credibility of Christianity

    There is a problem with placing the weight of your credibility squarely on events in the past; history tends to be distorted depending on who is retelling it. Christians will say that those who question the historical claims of Christianity are bias or ignoring supporting factors. Those who...
  3. John_672

    Do any of you count children in your list of spiritual teachers?

    Accidental spiritual teachers are the wisest, and children are the most accidental spiritual teachers of all. Every time I am with my godchild, she teaches me something new about what it means to be a human being. The sad fact of it is, one day I will have the chance to return the favor... and...
  4. John_672

    my posts do not appear....

    Okay... I've reread your code of conduct and I understand the policy concerning promotion. I have just one question, though - at what time would I be considered tenured enough to post links?
  5. John_672

    my posts do not appear....

    I'd hate to be a bother, seeing as I'm new as well, but my introduction post isn't showing up for me... Which is odd, because someone visited & commented on my blog from my intro post at this forum. Thank you, - John
  6. John_672

    Hello Everybody!

    I'm John, a 28 year old man who lives with his wife and pet cat in Maryland. I'm currently working towards becoming a Unitarian Universalist Minister, and enjoy talk about religion and spirituality... seeing as I want to make it my job, one would hope I enjoy it, Yes? In any case, I'll see you...