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    The Absolute Unity of God

    God is something that we cannot understand by reason. If we think He created the whole universe, we should think that God is something which is outside the universe, I mean that no natural element is the Beginning (we'd better use the Greek word ARKHE), so we cannot know Him utterly. Or, if...
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    Paul the 13th? - I Cor. 1:1

    In the greek version you understand that they belong to the group of apostles
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    Paul the 13th? - I Cor. 1:1

    Rm 16,7 Greet also Andronikos and Iounia (...) who are good-known among the apostles. (Translated by me).
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    Is a belief in God necessary for morality - A new study

    Personally, I think there's a logical reason which anyway wouldn't exclude atheists, yet it's much easier to happen with a believer. The Bible says: Abraham believed and for that he was considered righteous. If we want to be able to love people, the first thing we have to do is delivering...
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    Paul the 13th? - I Cor. 1:1

    And how about the 14th and the 15th? One of them is even a woman - Romans 16,7
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    Permission to kill those who reject Islam

    Well, a very common error is confusing Islam with Middle Eastern terrorism. I come from Italy. I often go to Germany, and, when it happens, people always look at me as if I was one of those who work with mafia. In the same way, Muslims often are considered entirely terrorists although of course...
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    Does God speak to you?

    First of all, we should decide what we mean for God. It could sound strange,but even among people of the same faith God is not always meant as the same thing. I can tell you if the God that I believe in actually speaks to me, but that God could also be nonexistent at all. Though that, I believe...
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    What makes you think you are right about belief?

    Personally, I stopped thinking about religion as "right belief". I am Christian, because I feel as Christianity is a good answer for me. But I'd lie if I told you that I think Christianity is the only good answer. I believe in the connection among all the religions and spiritual paths because...
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    What does prayer do?

    Prayers have different kind of ways it works. We can talk of worshipping or asking for something. When we pray, we use words. If you have read Plato's Timeo, you know that words are not simple sounds, yet they're as strong as the thing they represent. As anything in the Universe, words have...
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    'You will burn in hell!'

    I peronally think that our faith is not what matters most. I guess that our behaviour is more important. Let's make an example. Some of you perhaps already know Tomas de Torquemada, a Spanish inquisition member. He is one of the worst catholic inquisitors in the whole history. He hath killed...