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    the prophet elijah

    please could some one answear this question for me. in the book of malachi chapter 4 verse 5 "see i will send you the prophet elijah before that great and dreadfull day of the lord comes he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of thire children to thire fathers"...
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    If not Jesus, then who?

    the jewish messiah, will be a human being who will have to fullfill the following criteria to be considered the jewish messiah he will ,be a direct male biological decendent of king david through his son sollomon (genesis49 10 & issiah 11 1) he will rebuild the temple in jerusalem ( ezekiel 37...
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    How did the Jews make it this far?

    the difference is zerostrianism survived to this day judaism survived against all the odds
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    If not Jesus, then who?

    hi from a jewish perspective the messia meaning the lords anointed, will be a human being, who must forfill certon criteriea before being exepted as messia he must be jewish deuteronomy 17 15 he must be a member of the house of judah genasis 49 10 he must be a direct male desendent of king...