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  1. Dragonseer

    Anyone study ACIM, etc.?

    Be sure to share details about your visit--assuming that you're visiting (or visited) the A.R.E. :) DS
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    Anyone study ACIM, etc.?

    Currently, my attention is split between readings given by/through Edgar Cayce; books about Cayce/the Cayce readings; the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi and many other titles); and various works of Ernest Holmes, founder of the Science of Mind (formerly...
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    Anyone study ACIM, etc.?

    Hi, Roger Buck. If you don't mind me asking, which Christian denomination do you now follow? NOTE: I know that I mentioned ACIM at the start of this thread. I own a copy of it that's in pristine condition because I've not yet read it. Well, I started it at one point and got maybe 1/3 of the...
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    Sally, I don't know what's going on, but this forum isn't letting me send messages via the...

    Sally, I don't know what's going on, but this forum isn't letting me send messages via the normal route; my fingers are crossed that you receive this message. Could you please give me your e-mail address again? I realize that neither of us visit this site very frequently anymore, so it...
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    Grassroots Mormon anti-gay campaign

    This story saddens me. There are many stories detailing homosexual behavior exhibited by (non-human) animals in--where else?--nature; so how can anyone claim that homosexuality is "unnatural?" :rolleyes:
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    Is suicide really a grave sin?

    The entire point of this thread is speculation--i.e., speculation of whether or not suicide is a grave sin. What you call "judgmental" is pure speculation/opinion, for which we fellow members have been asked to share.
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    getting tatoos, piercings, etc...

    That said, do you consider makeup to a be a form of bodily desecration? DS
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    Towards the ordination of women in the Catholic Church

    Sinful, I am not picking on you by quoting from your post. But what you've written sparks something that's long bothered me. The Bible states that human beings are to do on earth as is done in heaven. It also states that there is no concept of sexual division--neither male nor female--in...
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    Is suicide really a grave sin?

    I'd like to point out that my example of revenge-motivated suicide isn't a fabricated notion. I've read stories in which the person who committed the deed left a not-so-sweet note on his/her personage to be found by the family member(s) left behind. No, it's not a pleasant example; but revenge...
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    Efforts Rising to Ordain Women as Roman Catholic Priests

    On the one hand, I believe in hindsight as being a valid instructor. But there are certain behaviors/practices that should never, ever be--for which hindsight shouldn't be necessary.
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    One word

    This is my answer, as well.
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    My spiritual beliefs - what does this make me?

    Understood and agreed. :D
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    My spiritual beliefs - what does this make me?

    May I ask what your revelation was? Were you guided to follow a certain religious path/ sect?
  14. Dragonseer

    My spiritual beliefs - what does this make me?

    I second this idea. I've taken the Belief-O-Matic quiz several times over the past eight years; my top five results have never been the same, which, IMO, shows that my beliefs are evolving.
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    "Bodily excercise" and dieting in Christianity

    I can't argue this point; it makes very good sense to me. :D If the body is God's temple, then we ought take good care of it. But there is a BIG difference between taking care of the body and obsessing about it--even becoming a slave to it. DS
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    The debate regarding the age of our planet...

    Is it just me, or has the subject of this thread been lost entirely? I don't mind people debating one another, but, please, at least stick to the original topic. If you're going to move into the realm of personal gripes, why not start your own thread regarding them? :rolleyes:
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    The debate regarding the age of our planet...

    True, true. I'm with you. Heck, even the Roman Catholic Church doesn't claim that the Bible is scientifically accurate. :D To my mind, it teaches of a soul's evolution; to get bogged down with nitty-gritty details is to miss the greater message.
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    The ignorance of burning the Qur'an

    It is true that many people use religion--as they do any other dualistic, manmade concepts--as a means of dividing the human race into "us" and "them." :( I think that John Lennon's song Imagine gets to the heart of the issue very well. :D
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    For Christians: an annual "Burn a Bible Day" for our sins in the last 2,000 years

    Dogbrain, If your latest response is to me, you've missed my point entirely. Ah, well... I tried. DS
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    Hello, hello...

    I aim to amuse. :D