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    Why you believe that non-vegetarian

    and if it turns out to be a sweet potato, you will have a guilty feeling for a long time.
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    Is there only one true God ?

    there is no God but God
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    CONCEPT OF GOD IN Islam and Hinduism

    al Quran, surah Noor: God is the Light of the heavens and the earth:the likeness of his light is as a niche wherein is a lamp (the lamp is a glass, the glass as it were a glittering star) kindled from a blessed tree, an olive that is neither of the east nor of the west whose oil wellnigh shine...
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    Ever Feared not Believing in Jesus?

    interesting discussion as always....... jesus, buddha, and many others besides reached the end of the path....but it was always there.....and remains.....they tried to show others how to 'follow' that path by the best means they could.... it is the yearning that counts above all....i feel...
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    go home and read wilfredo pareto. i wish i had time to expound his views but unfortunately i am eternaly short of time. happy reading
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    Advice for non-Hindu

    well, there is no hindu language as such. i know hindi and there is no such word in my language. there is a similar word though- agyani which means ignorant. hope it helps. might be able to suggest some words if u elaborate on your concept
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    What does Buddha say about Nirvana?

    thanks a lot vaj, it was indeed helpful, would you have acess to anything more condensed. i.e. in the form of a verse, like in your earlier post in this thread. apologies for troubling you,
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    What does Buddha say about Nirvana?

    dear vaj, beautiful post, i have taken printouts of some of the verses to stick on my board. could you please give examples of what buddha said to encourage monks to practice meditation, i am finding my determination and dicipline wavering under pressure of the demands of life.
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    question about garb

    thanks friend for your enlightening arguments. why wasnt it obvious to me before this that there are no crimes against women in muslim communities, or that poor members of my gender are never responsible for any atrocities against wemen. they ask for it, they tempt us to abuse them by not...
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    this poem by swami vivekananda beautifully presents the side of devine we prefer to ignore. dedicated as it it to Goddess of death Kali Kali The Mother The stars are blotted out, The clouds are covering clouds, It is darkness vibrant, sonant. In the roaring, whirling wind Are the...
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    Not in writing...

    Reading texts dose not make one knowledgable(pundit) Only the 4 letters of the word love(2.5 in hindi) are the source of all knowledge. a rough translation of a copulet by sage Kabeer (an india mystic and yogi from years goneby)
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    Daily Wisdom Saying

    you cannot believe in god until you believe in yourself. swami vivekananda
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    How strong is your belief?

    dear sacred thanks for the detailed explanation. there is something else that creeps on my mind. yes, i agree with most of what you say. however, is there any need of belief or faith in carrying out those actions. is it essential for the good values and ideals to be sanctified before they are...
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    How strong is your belief?

    Hello Lunamoth, Born in a Hindu family, I am Hindu by default. However I don’t have any particular adherences. I practice meditation (kriyayoga, not the technique taught by Yogananda but the original method as introduced by Lahiri Mahashaya) but only erratically as I have not yet been able to...
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    How strong is your belief?

    hello ISFP Is it a different power that makes orphans of young children, allows paedophilia, slavery, holocaust, mental illness, tsunamis, darfur tragedy, etc? What effect does this thought have on your belief? Do you choose to go the ostrich way or are you able to integrate it with the...
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    How strong is your belief?

    dear Q thanks for understanding, that is one of the most important reasons for all of us being here i guess.
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    Religion as an excuse for war?

    We are by nature designed to identify ourselves with groups. It gives a distinct evolutionary advantage to the human species. The corollary to this is the exclusion of everything that is not a part of the group. Another basic property of the human psyche is to be able to justify to oneself...
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    How strong is your belief?

    sorry, misspelt, old weakness. what i meant was that do different religions have a varying perspective on this element (belief)of spirituality. ie do some require more belief than others. i find belief a difficult proposition as i cant make myself have any degree of belief in anything that i...
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    How strong is your belief?

    what is belif? what factors is it based on? what is the role of belief in warios religions?
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    Daily Wisdom Saying

    'yoga-chitta-vritti-nirodha' (sanskrit) patanjali yoga sutra yoga: to join, to become one chitta: mind stuff (mind would not perhps be an exact translation as chitta refers to all thought processess and emotional processess. more learned members would perhaps be able to suggest a better...