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  1. presser_kun

    Atheism and AA

    Alcoholics Anonymous is all about the 12-step program. One of the fundamental principles of the 12 steps is that the recovering alcoholic must acknowledge a Higher Power. Does this mean that an atheist cannot be helped by a 12-step program? I'm curious to see how you respond. peace, press
  2. presser_kun

    Faith is exempt from reason?

    Why? Religionists of all stripes maintain that faith is not nor should be subject to logical thinking. A subsidiary question is "Is it all right to ask even this question?" It seems to me that faith should be subject to reason the same as any other thing is. I don't think that...
  3. presser_kun

    What's right?

    I have a real-world dilemma: What is the right thing to believe about God? This question presupposes a few things, such as... + There is a God + God is personal + "Right" as a concept can be absolute Here's why I ask: I grew up as a Christian fundamentalist, left my...
  4. presser_kun

    Faith and logic

    Religionists are fond of saying that belief in God is the stuff of faith, and that logic cannot go there, has no place there. Why? We believe in science because it's logical. I believe my boyfriend loves me because of my experiences with him, which is a kind of logic all its own. But...
  5. presser_kun

    Is there a place for passion?

    I'm just beginning my journey outside of Christianity. I've read the quotations from the Dhammapada here on CR, and they confirm something I've known about Buddhism and other eastern philosophies for some time: the goal is to abandon all desire in order to release oneself from suffering, to gain...
  6. presser_kun

    Hello from Gregg

    Here's a bit about me, a bit about my reasons for being here, and a first topic. A bit about me I'm a recovering Christian fundamentalist. I love to learn and grow personally. My first crisis of faith was discovering, at age 24, that Moses did not write the Pentatuch. My next one, at age...