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  1. dayaa

    Which religion do you follow?

    hi all:) i still class myself as muslim (sunni) although i'm a bit borderline. i feel comfortable culturally with what i know, but i am also open minded to other beliefs. i have a very strong impression of jesus and greatly admire and am influenced by his teachings, but find too many concepts...
  2. dayaa

    Universal temples!

    hi all:) long time no see. woooow what a wonderful thread. i really, really like the mall idea. i can really see it working. i see it as a sort of real life version of this site, and it could work with the same sort of regulations that govern this site, and in the nature of things the people...
  3. dayaa

    Help improve the parsha project process here, or catch up on logistics.

    hi all i'm also very interested.....but don't have enough free time. i don't think i'll be able to keep up to actually participate much, but i'll be following along and reading at my own pace. thanks dauer....wonderful idea:)
  4. dayaa

    slave for a slave

    hi jibran and salam:) can you please read albaqara 178 ( + yosef ali footnotes if you have that translation). i'd appreciate your comments, or anyone else's too. thanks.
  5. dayaa

    Original Sin? Need Explanation

    hi all:) talking of animals, i was just wondering actually if maybe that is the point. it's the tree of KNOWLEDGE of good and evil. maybe original man was intended to live like animals on his instinct, natural, simple. maybe it's not so much a question of sin as awareness of sin. we just had...
  6. dayaa

    Original Sin? Need Explanation

    hi bandit:) i'm back, just briefly...interesting thread. hi jibran:) and welcome. any relation to jibran khalil jibran?:cool: i love his books. some interesting ideas in this thread about human nature, the nature and purpose of sin etc. saltmeister's comments gave some food for thought. it's...
  7. dayaa

    slave for a slave

    hi all/salam can someone please explain the rules for dealing with a killing, either deliberate or accidental. i don't understand the woman for a woman, slave for a slave concept. it seems like a sort of tribal tit-for-tat lacking justice. maybe i have understood it completely wrong and i'd...
  8. dayaa

    Interfaith Ha'azinu

    hi all:) ....sorry going off the point a bit but i just thought i'd throw in a little bit of colourful information. mount nebo is a really weird place. you can park your car there, put it in neutral, take off the hand brake and the car actually rolls up hill! done it
  9. dayaa

    still around but not so much

    thank you all for your kind, understanding and welcoming messages. i will certainly be back....just not quite so often. brian....don't worry about the 500 posts...i'll get there....just i'll do it slowly. give me a chance to sort my head out....and then i'll be after your job!:D the...
  10. dayaa

    Maybe I Do Not Belong Here

    hi in love:) glad to hear you will be staying. a lot of us are in here because we are unsure....if we were all unsure we wouldn't be much help to each other would we? we need some people in here who know what they believe and why to help provide food for thought for the rest of us....and...
  11. dayaa

    angels or demons?

    thanks bandit:) see you soon:)
  12. dayaa

    still around but not so much

    hello everyone i've decided i need to cut it down a bit. wonderful site, wonderful people, but very time consuming and very addictive. i have made some nice friends here and found a lot of well as plenty of food for thought, but seeing as the whole point is to sort out my head...
  13. dayaa

    Sin in changing the religion or keeping 2 of them

    hello/salam don't rush into's a complex subject. take your time to study and think about it carefully. i'm sure God knows who's decent and who's not...and it hasn't got much to do with religious labels. no rush:)
  14. dayaa

    angels or demons?

    hello bandit just a quickie. the quotes you mentioned above i am not familiar with off the top of my head in context, i'd have to look them up, but i'll try to give a quickie answer just looking at the quotes. hmm, well.... it seems to be saying that jesus was in some way God or part of God...
  15. dayaa

    London Bombing

    hello all hopefully bananabrain and his new wife might not actually be in's their honeymoon so maybe they are away somewhere. i don't know about his family though where are they.
  16. dayaa

    Please pray for me.

    dear path i'm so sorry to hear you are having problems......many of your posts have given me great comfort in my own confusion and somehow i imagined you calm and strong and happy....but clearly you have a strong faith and a deep understanding and i hope this will give you strength to cope...
  17. dayaa

    angels or demons?

    hello bandit:) yes at some point this thread got side tracked to a different fault:eek: thanks for your offer to discuss this with you on a one to one basis and i will take you up on that sometime soon but not right now......i seem to have got myself in a bit of a state worrying...
  18. dayaa

    London Bomb attacks!

    hello/salam everyone i'm not going to say too much here....i'll probably get myself chucked off this whole site....and i don't want to do that because i like it here:( what can i say? i don't know:mad: on a different thread i mentioned that my home country is jordan. actually i am half...
  19. dayaa


    mansio, hi;) i think, to be honest you know what your intended tone is when you make comments like that. it's surprising actually how much "tone" you can pick up on even in text chat. in case you didn't notice i am muslim female....currently resident in the uk.....home country jordan. don't...
  20. dayaa

    angels or demons?

    hello path, quahom and all:) thank you both for your comments. path, your comments were very interesting, and within your personal belief system you are consistent, which is what i am looking for. (but i understand that your beliefs are not mainstream christianity). i hope more people with...