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    Christianity and its stance on women.

    No I haven't. Do you recommand any good books on the subject?
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    Just trying to learn

    I too have had strange experiences, but mainly with mine is has to do with an apparent ability I sometimes have to be an empath. One time I was walking around my local Wal-Mart and I was just walking down the aisle with kitchen supplies just browsing, then all of a sudden I felt really angry. My...
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    A question on Buddha

    I have a question about Buddha. I am taking a World Religions class in college and we talked about Buddhism for 4 classes. Now, Buddhists don't consider Buddha as any kind divinity, so I don't understand why Buddhists bow before his statue, or why there are huge statues of him all around in...
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    Spiritual fascism

    YES! I totally agree with you!! I am going through a year of "spiritual seeking" of sorts because I was totally abandoned by my so called "church". The same ones that said they "love people and care for them like Christ does.." HYPOCRISY!!! I have looked back on my 3 years in that church and I...
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    Christianity and its stance on women.

    This is my first post, so I would like to say hello! Secondly, I would like to say I am a Christian, but I am very liberal in my views. One thing that has always bothered me was the conserative Christian's stance on women. They say that women need to be submissive to men. But this is SO...