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    Anyone give free horoscope readings?

    :o yes i do there are some general questions that need to be answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Is there spirits of any being's trying to contact me! help

    hello everyone. ever since i was little, my father taught me how to meditate as well as other family members at a really young age. I've had preminisions since i was little. then chose a religion and liked it very much. as i grew i've always had a 6 since of something happening before it would...
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    Inherited star signs

    To reply to your question, I would need more information but both my children are quite different in several ways including their age first of all. there are different cartristics to be considered though. such as their moon sign, mercury, and saturn and so on. there are 12 different signs to...
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    Calling & Welcoming Spirits

    hello, I'm not sure where to exactly go with this but here it goes. last night I had a sort of preminision of seeing someone that is no longer on this plane it was more of a presense and i was not feared only scared of not being able to help the being can anyone help or give some kind of...
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    can spirituality be taught?

    Thank you all for responding!This is really a fun and a great original way to share life. Through experience and words being retranslated into an understanding that all can share. thank you all so much you have made my day
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    what do u do with esp?

    Hello' forgive the intrusian if this comes late or misspelled on that note. anyway, having what you have is not a gift but more an enlightenment or an awaking. It's like a gut intinct to help you survive, it's there to protect you and making it grow is not wrong, but a tool to guide where you...
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    I know how to do charts and cards and all sorts of things. I'd like to know if you know any acknowledgement on the serpentcharmer?:(
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    can spirituality be taught?

    :cool:does a spirit exist before you are born? does it become a human than a deity? I would like to know how far everyone in depth is about spirituality? Please reply
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    Consciousness: A Symptom of the Soul?

    :cool:hello' beuatiful saying. I can comprehend but not speak about what you just said. is that my sub consciousness speaking or is there a light to be shown to comprehend both worlds
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    Holy Wells and Healing Springs

    this is a neat subject that i don't get to speak about very much,limited minds and not enough imagination. I'm still quite shy about how to speak openly with everyone I don't want to hurt anyone's mind or perceptions on life. sages many many many yrs ago would protect these wells or scared...
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    Do you believe in ghosts?

    I believe in my own opinion that maybe the word being used is not quite correct.
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    What is death?

    Hello' I am new at this I am very open mined person. Death in my opinion is existing without knowing who you really are being lost out there in time . I ve had some awsome experiences with life in general and now am willing to learn as much as possible. for about 13 yrs though there was a trial...
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    Intimations of the divine

    [:phello' not sure if i fit in with what you all are particular talking about, but on my own studies and opinions and actual things happening in this world, i can tell you the word divine is a magical place it is a place that should never be taken or given to anyone on this earth, but when it...
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    hello' I was curious if there is anything else you like to study?
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    Sexuality and Religion

    :eek:forgive my very bluntness or even taking this the wrong way iam 36 and to this day did not know that a priest had a penis and used to go to the bathroom uhg
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    i play in the minors but like to special lize in combatiability to the coresponding planets in some one's chart. to see the spirit and ego not get along or why people just don't understand themselves
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    What do you look like?

    may i ask what that picture is from or what location
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    What do you look like?

    I think you look very distinguished i love to study people's faces to see if i can guess there birthday's some are hard though especially from other places
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    Female circumcision

    hello, i just got started, me and my little girl were reading your quote. I apologise but that is world domination and control issues. I know you can't ask why the men are not castrated when hurting someone, all i know is when something like that happens to a women from a man's perspective that...
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    Who is The Fool?

    :rolleyes:hello, brian very interessting conversation, I've been looking for subjects regarding tarot cards&decks,numberology,astrology. can you reply back maybe we can talk