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    Message of Sikhism...

    does not a little bit of the filth also be in you and me ? should you not also include yourself as a slight filth bearer ?
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    The Avatamsaka Sutra

    what exactly did the Buddha mean by vast aspiration and vast motivation ?
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    and from myself: a fool is guileless.
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    The Lord's Day

    the Lord's day is every day
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    Something wrong with Christianity?

    Christianity is all about perfecting love, especially the teachings of Jesus. But you must remember that the Bible is not the work of God. It is the work of frail human beings who are not all always consistent to the theme of love. Also, you cant fill the pages of a thousand page bible with just...
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    Holy Spirit and Gabriel

    The Holy Spirit is NOT the angel Gabriel.
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    Muslims, if your child becomes a hafiz, do you get sure entry to heaven?

    You dont go to heaven based on what someone else has done, but purely because of 1.) what you are, and 2.) what you have done for the sake of others.
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    Woke Christianity

    Jesus is not like that. He is very compassionate. Do you think He has so little compassion that He will say begone I never knew you to a faithful servant or even to someone who just likes Him ?
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    What is Buddhism's take on losing your pet?

    "Impermanence is permanent" sounds contradictory because this term is just a play of words not concepts. Conceptua;ly it is said that life is impermanent, and that sounds noncontradictory because of the choice of words. But when the word choice is "impermanence is permanent" then this leads to...
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    What is Buddhism's take on losing your pet?

    You should never artificially or deliberately try to become detached from your pets or your loved ones. However, if you are detached because life has taught you to love everyone instead of just your near and dear ones, then such detachment is safe and real. Because when you love everyone then...
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    The One Name

    If you FEEL that you are a sikh, then you are. if you dont FEEL that you are a sikh, then even if yu officially are, you are not a sikh. So it is very easy to convert to sikhism. it is a matter of inner feeling, not outward convention and rituals.
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    Curiosity questions

    It is not that they wont follow him. It is just that some dont follow him like Satan. Regarding why God could create such beings, it is because God gave each being free will so that some people could TEMPORARILY choose to not follow him and some others could also TEMPORARILY choose to follow...