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    Buddhism Knowledge

    I know this is an old thread, but thank you Vajradhara also! I originally came on this site to look for Celtic folklore, but I also have an interest in Buddism and was delighted when there were threads about it here. Those links are terribly helpful, so many thanks :).
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    Here's one for you

    If we're to think of it like that, one could see it like a game. To us the world seems huge, the number of people and animals in it incountable, but to someone else, a 'higher being', we could be viewed in the same way that we view ants. Tiny, insignificant. Ever tried to fry an ant using a...
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    Here's one for you

    I exist in mind and spirit, and I am a human body of many emotions. At least I think I am... :P.
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    Help shrink my friends EGO?

    I agree with the 'like when the women are attracted to you, instead of him' statement :D. That will be a bit of a wake-up call for him, knowing that you don't have to be 'it' to be liked. In the end, most women will shun him because of his arrogance- I know this for a fact, I knew someone just...
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    Past Lives

    I've had lucid dreams, but most of these have just been when I've liked a dream enough that I've gone back and... dreamt it some more, heh. On the other hand, I do have this 'experience' that happens every so often. You know when you're in a car, usually the passenger, and you go past a line...