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  1. Saponification

    How do you choose your religion?

    I'm of the opinion that people should go with what works for them. There are so many people who all have different experiences and understandings of how and why things work. I don't think there is one answer that can apply to all of them.
  2. Saponification

    Shinto: a book I can read or something?

    I'm getting myself copies of Tao te Ching and I Ching, mainly because I want to learn more about the religions that influenced and were influenced by particular schools of Buddhism. Anyway, I'm looking at Shintoism. Are they are... holy books or texts avaliable for it? As in, easily avaliable...
  3. Saponification

    Heaven, hell, Elysium- where would you like to go?

    Nowhere. The whole cycle of rebirths things would get a little old after a while, I reckon. :)
  4. Saponification

    Benefit of belief

    The statement is Buddhist, I just reworded it. The original statement is along the lines of taking your dog out into the backyard to look at the moon. You point your finger at the moon and the dog looks. The moon is the truth, the finger the teachings. Odds-on, though, your dog will look at your...
  5. Saponification

    Benefit of belief

    Subscribing to a belief system or reading sutras and other forms of texts won't automatically make these changes occur, so far as I'm concerned. Religion - any religion - can only show you the way to that stuff. You have to do the work. It shouldn't be a crutch, it should be a guide. The...
  6. Saponification

    Obscure mythology...

    I'm wondering if anyone here is a fan of mythology. I'm not taking the Greek or Egyptian stuff, but the more obscure side of things. I've had a look on the 'net for more information about a goddess named Pinga. I know the Inuit had slightly different ideas about gods and goddesses than most...
  7. Saponification


    What if the religion you follow has nothing to do with the Word of God(s)?
  8. Saponification

    A question from the undecided

    It's not going to make your life better, it's just going to help show you the way.
  9. Saponification

    Are atheists shallow?

    It's programming speak. Don't worry, it means I'm quoting what you said for emphasis.
  10. Saponification

    What is the Sound of One hand clapping?

    You might like a good called Zen Flesh, Zen Bones. It's considered to be a classic, from what I know. Either way, it's a compilation of several texts and contains a decent-sized collection of koans, stories and sayings. It's a very interesting read.
  11. Saponification

    The Maitreya Project

    Interesting idea, but I can't say I agree with the funds being poured into it: I think a more compassionate idea would be putting the money into helping those in need have food, shelter and water. To me this is over indulgence to an extreme degree. There's nothing "Middle Path" about this at all.
  12. Saponification


    I do not know if this show has been broadcast in your country, but if not I suggest you do your best to acquire it: 30 Days. 30 Days is a documentry series by the man who produced Supersize Me. In the third episode of the show he has a devout Christian man life the lifestyle of a Muslim for, as...
  13. Saponification

    Marriage? Yes? No? Why?

    Awaiting has just pointed out one - Buddhism. Marriage isn't such a big deal in Buddhism. Certain Buddhist cultures might have their ceremonies, but culture is different to religion - Buddhism just happens to adopt a lot of cultural stuff when it moves from place to place. Certain religions...
  14. Saponification


    Wise words as always. Quoted for emphasis.
  15. Saponification

    Sin of masturbation?

    I agree with what Awaiting_the_fifth said. I'd also say beating off is a bit of over indulgence.
  16. Saponification

    Let's talk Terrorists.

    Islam teaches that all life is sacred and that suicide is a great sin. I fail to see how suicide bombers fall into that - dying in defence of your people and what you believe is honourable, sure, but that doesn't nessecarily have anything to do with wearing a vest of C4.
  17. Saponification

    Favorite Buddhist quotes

    "What is this?"
  18. Saponification

    For Sale: Religion!!!

    In Western countries there aren't enough Buddhists to make advertising viable - it would just be a waste of money. And Western Buddhist centres simply don't have the cash to fund that sort of effort - Asian temples do, but not the Western ones. And this is a Western cultural thing, so if it's...
  19. Saponification

    New definition of religion?

    It's not so much about the quest for truth as it is the quest for happiness.