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    good versus evil

    elaboration I, Brian... i will attempt to address your concerns...will to harm intends harm to another; the ends may be benevolent, but the means is always malicious.and murder CAN be justified: when it is probable that someone will cause harm to others and death is the only/ best means of...
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    What is the "ego"?

    referal EGO is a common subject on which i write, and and rather than bog this post down with all that text, i'll refer you to:
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    good versus evil

    There is no good or bad, right or wrong. Only harmless and harmful. We tend to (erroneously) judge as evil that which we consider to be hostile against us, if not to us. The less threatened we feel (but not necessarily are) by some thing, the less evil it seems (but not necessarily is no threat...
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    Objective Truth?

    what if the truth is that there is no truth? i think there is an objective truth, but because it is filtered through our perceptions and perspectives, we can never know it absolutely or certainly. we can only have interpretations of probable approximations.
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    If Jesus had not died?

    foundationist brings up an excellent point: Christianity as it is known would not be so without promotion and propagandizing of Paul and the politically biased Catholic Church who chose the canonical bible texts (and the deification of Jesus) in service to an agenda of domination. and what if...
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    Are toy guns bad?

    i do see what you are saying, but that's not what i'm saying. i'm not blaming guns. i realize that a gun is merely a tool whose use is determined through application by individuals. but guns are synonymous with war and killing--- glorified in our entertainment media; therefore, they...
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    Are toy guns bad?

    you're missing the point. which is that the very fact that pretend gun play is acceptible for children, that actual gun play as adults is considered a normal condition of life. the presence, tolerance and "necessity" of guns at all as a normal aspect of our community is the problem.
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    Dreaming the future?

    "Do you think that what happens on one side of a window is more or less real than what happens on the other side? No? Then why believe such a distinction exists between internal and external reality? The dream world is no more or less real than the waking world. To assert one at the expense...
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    The True Cross

    you may be interested in these books: Jesus The Heretic, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Gnostic Gospels.
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    Are toy guns bad?

    i'm inclined to disagree. toy guns in and of themselves are not a bad thing, but the idea that they are indicative of is. their makes gun use seem normal and acceptible. they desensatise people to the dangers of guns and create a cultural/ psychological atmosphere where fighting each other is...
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    1. i never believe statistics because they are illogical. if you combined the alleged number of deaths from every measured cause, then there'd be virtually no one alive. 2. alcohol isn't a problem, but a symptom of a malignant culture.
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    Purpose versus morality

    errata that last sentence warrants clarification: in evaluating ends and means, one should consider the ends and means in relation to each other. the end determines the value of the means. means define the ends, but they do not determine the value of the ends. intentions may be good, but if...
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    Purpose versus morality

    if this, then that morality and purpose are mutually exclusive concepts. one does not depend on or define the other. good and bad intentions may have good and/or bad consequences. whether a thing is good or bad depends on our perspective of it. what is good for some may be bad for others. or...
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    exegesis vs eisogesis

    excellent topic and good points made. Our reality constructs are formulated by means of symbolism known as language. Language is all about communication; and there is no communication unless we each understand the language and its codes. It is the fundamental foundation of communication...
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    The romance of non-Christian Europe

    many historical periods have been romanticed for the sake of story telling. and any romanticizing will be biased, as it is an idealized version. as far as contemporaries adopting or adapting pagan beliefs, it isn't about recreating the culture, but appreciating and utilizing the ideals of that...
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    What has a soul?

    the soul-- assuming it exists-- IS connected to the all. but our ego stands between the will and the universe. it is the EGO which is illusory and deceptive. i'm willing to concede that we do not have any kind of immortal soul, and would be fine with that. however, that has not been my...
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    Which part of Jesus's life...

    i'd rather know about his whole life, but if i had to choose just one moment, it would have to be when he decided to become the prophecied messiah.
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    how can a person who has never heard of God, be expected to choose God? how is it fair or reasonable for them to be sent to hell? at the very least, hell is intended as metaphor... just as heaven is. Jesus commonly spoke in allegory... symbolism. he was not literal. if there were to be an actual...
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    What has a soul?

    any living thing has a degree of soulness or spiritual (meaning life) energy. but a linguistic distinction must be made. the soul is our distinct individualized spirit which our body is immersed in; the spirit is life force, extended from the spiritus mundi. the undead would be activated and...
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    is Evil real?

    as with the Divine: for those who do not believe, no explanation is possible. for those who do believe, no explanation is necessary.