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    Genesis 2;7 begins Mesopotamian Civilization

    Just a thought about the start of civilisation. Archaeology does not proove that Mesapotamian civilisation started c.4000 BC, there is alot of evidence that it goes back further. The same is true for the Egyptian civilisation and Minoan (Cretan) civilisation. I can't comment on Biblical...
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    100 things to do before I go...

    I would love to do more travelling and see more of the world.
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    Opinions please

    One of my old tutors of archaeology used to say that if you find fragments of pottery etc on ancient sites you must leave them intact and not move them. Much of archaeology isn't so much about the artifact, but about its situation in an ancient site. This can tell more of a story to an...
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    It depends on what type of housewife you are. Some housewives use the time that they have to enjoy being with their children or learning new learning new skills. When I worked full time I was certainly very jealous of anyone who had the freedom to stay at home and not work.
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    Prehistoric Goddess worship?

    There has been much talk of matriarchal societies in the ancient past. Some scholars point to the figure of Arete in the Odyssey of Homer as being a throw back to a time when women played a more prominent role in society. I did alot of research on the orign of Artemis as a goddess and...
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    Modern Pagans and the existence of Satan and the Christian god

    The Christian religion is contantly changing and adapting as most religions do. Different branches such as Catholicism are gaining popularity, while other branches are declining. In India, the far east and many other parts of the world, the Christian religion is gaining popularity, however it...
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    Which history would you visit?

    I love to see many past periods of history, however I would particularly like to see Medievel England at the time of Henry I (c.1150) and also the Mycenaean/Minoan periods in Greece.
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    Why Christians fear Islam

    This obviously isn't so much about why Christians fear Muslims but about human instinct - to fear what is not understood. Therefore, most Christians, people from other faiths and non religious people have no problem with Muslims. It is the few that either switch off, or are simply uneducated...
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    Ouija Boards

    Never used a Ouija board, partly because I couldn't be sure if the people I'm doing it with are influencing the outcome. I'm not saying that there is nothing after, or that there is no paranommal activity, however Ouija boards tend to stimulate alot of panic and superstition which is not good.
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    what does it mean to be Christian ?

    I've asked various Christians this question over the years and have had different responses. A Pentacostal colleague told me that to be a Christian to him meant to follow the word of Jesus and to preach his message/convert non Christians. Another person I asked (Church of England) said that it...
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    Religion in schools

    The rules in state schools should be clear and a non confessional (none biased) view of religious education should permeate. However, state voluntary aided religious schools have more flexibility to teach their view of religion (confessional). They argue that parents have chosen that school...