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  1. Aisha

    Burqa or chador?

    Yesterday i had a chat with my 18 y.o. cousin in a garden, she wore a black chador and i lifted the burqa over my head because i could relax a bit more in this quiet place. She said to prefer the chador because the integral veil gives her a bad feeling and upset her. I said to be used to the...
  2. Aisha

    The decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

    Some years ago i read twoo books about this subject, the work of Edward Gibbon and the book of Peter Heather. The first asserts that the spread of Christianity weakened the Empire while for the second the Barbarian Invasions were the main reason of its fall. What do you think about it?
  3. Aisha


    Salaam Alyekum (Peace be upon you), i'm a 25 y.o. woman born and raised in Italy, i moved to Egypt, my country of origin, at the age of 19 after the marriage and now i'm mother of 3 children. I'm Muslim but before the marriage i lived like a common western teenager while now i'm secluded at home...